Minneapolis Airport Dog Park

6096 28th Ave
(Hwy 62 and 28th Ave)
Minneapolis, MN 55450

Hours of Operation: N/A
Size: 80 acres
Parking: On street or in MAC parking lot
Permit: No

Category: Dog Parks

Affectionately called the “Airport Dog Park” by those who adore it, this popular park (voted “Best of the Twin Cities” by City Pages readers in 2010) is so near the airport that you often hear and see planes landing and taking off. But you may not notice, since your dog will be too busy socializing and running up and down the wooded and grassy slopes of the park. Since it is not managed by the Minneapolis Park Board, no amenities exist here (including trash—there are no receptacles). Bring water and poop bags with you, and take them when you leave.

Dog Info

  • Partially fenced

July 14, 2016

This is closed now. Why?


June 13, 2016

LOVE THIS PARK! All the dogs we've met have been super well behaved. There are many places to explore and different terrain to enjoy for the dogs! Watch out for the mud if you don't want your dogs to enjoy it! My dog absolutely loves it here and it's a pleasant walk for people too! Bring a friend and hang out for awhile!


December 20, 2015

Beware of the man with the non-neutered boxer and non-neutered bully breed dog. His dogs attacked my friends dog today and bit my friend. The man is very macho and wears track suits. He does not keep tabs on his dogs.


March 15, 2015

This is nice place, wide open, with plenty of room to run. Great place to throw the Frisbee. The only down side is there are no garbage cans so you tend to see a lot of poop plastic bags along the road. If you can't be bothered by putting a bag of poop in your car, please don't bring your dog here.


May 23, 2013

My 2 1/2 year old Golden Sammy, Kaylie, and I have been going to this park for about 2 years. She loves it, I love it. Lots of room to run, play, and do other dog things. We go year round, even if it's pretty cold out (she has a thick coat and loves winter). There's a sense of community among people who go there regularly. Fights are very rare and get broken up quickly if they do happen. The dogs don't seem to mind or even notice all the airplane noise.


September 6, 2011

We love this park, my german shorthair can run and run and run.... He really could care less about other dogs so I really can't comment on the dogs that go there, but we love the wide open space with plenty of room to burn some energy.

Oliver's mom

August 10, 2011

We love this dog park! Plenty of space to romp in the sun or lounge under the trees. Of course, the conscientious dog parent will bring more than one poop bag. You do have to watch your step because there are still idiots out there who don't pick up. And if your dog's recall is not good, stay far, far away from the swamp. It draws them like a magnet.


June 17, 2011

This is an excellent dog park - it's huge with lots of shade for those summer months. My dog and I tend to do a few laps and stop for breaks to play with other dogs here - but beware, this park isn't fully fenced, so if your dog does not have a good recall, you may be in trouble. Also, there are no garbages, so you have to take your poop bags home with you. The owners are very nice and I've only witnessed a few skirmishes here over the last few years.

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