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As the name implies, Pure Spirit is dedicated to bringing out the best in your pet by nurturing balance in your relationship. Their holistic, relationship-focused services include animal communication, private and group training sessions, behavior consultations and more.

Their highly experienced professional trainers work with all breeds and most issues, helping correct behavior problems ranging from aggression and fear to counter-surfing and door-rushing. Frustrated pet parents may select private training sessions or group classes that emphasize manners and respect for both owners and pets.


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March 13, 2013

My Siberian Husky Mia and I benefitted greatly from several sessions of private training from Marilyn and Pure Spirit. She came to our home and showed me several ways that I was contributing to Mia's misbehavior. It was helpful to have Marilyn working with Mia in her own environment. Mia has a mischievous personality and likes to play which Marilyn was able to develop some ways to turn her natural behavior into more positive interaction. Mia liked to listen only when she wants but with Marilyn's patience and kind manner now listens and follows directions when I want her to. I highly recommend Marilyn in all aspects of dog training. Mia gets so excited when Marilyn comes that I know she would recommend her too!!


February 20, 2013

Prior to 2005, I was not aware of animal communicators and with reservation (but an open mind) I made my first appointment with Marilyn. It didn't take long into that conversation to realize that I was talking to a special person with a gift to communicate with animals. Since 2005, I have had many animal communication sessions with her and she was a comfort as I said goodbye to five of my German Shepherds since 2009. Over the years I have recommended Marilyn to many of my friends and coordinated with workshops for her when she visited Wisconsin. If you are considering speaking with an animal communicator, by all means give Marilyn a call.

Strathglass Kennel

February 16, 2013

Marilyn has been an important part of our Cavalier Family for 7 years and will continue to be an extended family member forever! Marilyn's experience and insight is amazing and we have happily referred her to many of our friends when they have training needs or questions about any of their animal family members. I have met several animal trainers over the years and none compare to Marilyn. Do yourself and your pets a favor and use only the best.....Pure Spirit!

Diane S

February 13, 2013

We LOVE Marilyn! Her training helped us get through the first year of our lives with our crazy Rescue dog. He was unlike any other dog I had ever owned, so I knew I had to try a different technique than my usual Traditional Training style. We contacted Marilyn, and even though we were skeptical at first of the clicker/treating style she incorporates, but the end of our first hour with her, we were sold! We now use everything she taught us for all 4 of our dogs, and my dogs love us for it! Cannot recommend her highly enough!

Nikki S.

January 30, 2013

Although we have been dog owners our entire lives, this was our first experience with a professional dog trainer. We decided to try Pure Spirit for the Foundation class and were delighted to find the structure was relaxed and informative. The in-home training is absolutely the best thing we ever did. Marilyn was able to accomplish things with our extremely friendly furry friend that we haven't been able to do with any of our prior dogs: I can sign for a pkg with FedEx while my puppy waits calmly at a distance, closes cabinet doors that the humans have left open, picks up things I have dropped...need I go on? I think the proof of Marilyn's success is in the upper Level dogs and owners. It is truly inspiring to see such well behaved dogs and owners that know how to handle them. Marilyn offers a unique blend of kindness, firmness & humor that makes training fun for the dog & the owner. 5+ Stars for Marilyn & her team!

Dee from Appleton, WI

March 5, 2012

Marilyn has been helping me communicate with my animals by phone for over 6 years. When my German Shepherd was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Marilyn's communication skill was a great help to me and our vet - letting us know how the dog was feeling and therefore what treatment was appropriate. We were also able to discover his wishes. I'm so grateful for all Marilyn does.


February 27, 2012

Marilyn is a wonderful trainer she is good with both pets and people. I am a nanny for 3 children and she worked with all 4 of us training their dog Duke. The kids loved working with her and we always had fun... Duke would always pull on walks and it became an awful chore, but now he walks great on leash and we enjoy our walks. Marilyn also takes Duke while the family goes on vacation he gets so excited when he sees her... It's nice to know he has a fun, caring place to be when we are out of town. My dog Eddie was trained by Marilyn, too... You can tell she has such a love for animals.


February 26, 2012

Marilyn is helping my 12-year-old dog to learn new tricks... Primarily, he is learning NOT to run out the door when it opens and NOT to jump on visitors. Her patience and ability to "teach an old dog new tricks" is extraordinary!

Connie E.

February 24, 2012

Love Marilyn! We have used her for 4 cats over the years, and the results have always been helpful. She is fun to work with and communicates to both pet and owner in a positive, affirming manner while getting the messages across to both sides! Highly recommend her!


February 4, 2012

We have had our dog in several of Marilyn's classes. She is the best!. Our dog has become a great member of our family that we can feel at ease taking anywhere. We now have a puppy that is going to start training with her this week. Marilyn's classes are very informative yet always stress-free. The dogs and owners are all made to feel at ease. I would highly recommend her classes.


February 3, 2012

Absolutely love Marilyn and her teaching ways...teaching the dog AND the human how to work as one.After going through all of her classes, my dog has become a great member of my family. I truly believe that is from what Marilyn has taught us.I can better understand what is going through my dog's mind, and by knowing this I am able to find ways to better train him or help him. He is wonderful to bring into public as well as bringing to my family functions.Commands/tricks Marilyn has taught us: Leave it, Take it, break, touch, wait, stay, sit, lay down, relax, heal, come, to sit when coming to a stop when walking, stand, go kennel, command to go from a down to a sit, walking in a crowd, as well as getting us ready for the Canine Good Citizen Test.I very much recommend her for any dog training needs, whether it is one-on-one or in a class setting.She is very good about answering specific problems that your dog is having, whether it be during the class or during the week, she always has an answer!

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