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Your pup’s paw prints, her favorite ‘necklace’ and tags, her special nickname—celebrate your pooch with a keepsake in cement created just for you. Whether you’re welcoming a new arrival or honoring the memory of your best friend, the lasting memento will put a smile on your face. And leave paw prints on your heart. 


February 8, 2014

Cathi has made stones for me for every occasion from memorials to celebrations, commemorating friends, relatives and beloved pets. She is a talented and unique artisan and she has a magical ability to create personalized memories. Each stone is completely different and absolutely beyond beautiful!


February 1, 2014

I received 2 of Cathi's lovely creations, as a lasting tribute to my four legged loves. These individualized stones elicit fond memories and bring me a sense of peace, as I gaze upon them. Her artistic talent is coupled with genuine compassion.


January 30, 2014

An artistic way to honor your pet - unique and created just for you. Cathi is a true artist and I would recommend her creations to all pet lovers!!!


January 30, 2014

When we lost our beloved 12 year old gentleman black lab to cancer, we struggled to find a personal enough way to memorialize him. Then we found this local artisan right here in Minnesota! Not only is our stone one-of-a-kind and GORGEOUS, the cement actually has our dog's ashes in it. Our new pup goes in the backyard and sits by this stone. We love how we got to honor and remember our dog in this way.

Emily B.

February 15, 2012

Cathi's Cement-i-Ments are AMAZING and everyone I gift one to absolutely LOVES them! I've given Cathi's Cement-i-Ments to friends for special occasions like weddings, births, and passings, too. You can place them outside your front door, in a garden, or another special area in your home. I would highly recommend Cathi's Cement-i-Ments, especially if you're looking for something creative, personalized and unique!


February 12, 2012

I have used Cathi's stones for memorials not only for dogs, but passing of family loved ones too. When these stones are presented to the recipients, it brings tears to their eyes - it is such a personal and beautiful piece of memory. I have a couple in my gardens in memory of my in-laws and also a few pet ones that my family has been given and there isn't a day that goes by when people see them that someone doesn't comment on what a wonderful memorial they are and a lasting memory too (which you can have inside or outside). They are a wonderful gift!


February 10, 2012

Cathi is a great artist and with "one of kind" Cement-i-Ments, her way of creating lasting, affordable cement stones for all occasions is very unique. Every time a new marriage, new baby and passing comes along, we ask Cathi to create a Cement-i-Ment and the receivers are thrilled to have it in their homes, entryways and gardens! You will be pleased with her style!

Dr. Michelle

February 5, 2012

Cathi approached me regarding pet memorials soon after we opened our hospital. She provides a fantastic way to preserve your pet's memory with collars, mementos, special thoughts with a bit of your pet's personality included. She has been helpful in providing memories for our clients and having something special that can remind them how important our pets are. Thanks Cathi for providing such a unique and personalized gift. Your special touches are appreciated.

P.A.W.S Pet Hospital

February 2, 2012

We here at P.A.W.S have worked with Cathi for quite some time and we adore her Cement-i-ments creations. We use her services to create wonderful mementos for our clients whose pets have passed away. We can tell that her Cement-i-ments bring a lot of joy to the families who have lost a loved one. Cathi does great things to include a personal touch to the cement-i-ment that is particular to each pet. She has included collars, locks of hair, and even a favorite chew toy in the mementos. We recomend Cathi's creations to anyone thinking about honoring a special part of their family in a special way.


February 2, 2012

Cathi has done some wonderful stones! Please check her work out.

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