The Woof Room

2025 Rice St
Roseville, MN 55113

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December 26, 2015

Would NOT recommend this place...I submitted all the proper papers, did an eval visit, a full day, and on her 2nd day, was suddenly told they don't allow dogs that weren't spayed or neutered! My dog is a blessing, socialized to both people and dogs, and has a following and her own FB page. Their loss. NO sincere apology. The "manager" could only say "I don't know how this could have gotten by..."

Black Dog's Mom

July 8, 2015

Used The Woof Room while in town for a wedding. Our puppy was very shy because of leg issues and was also on medicine at the time. He came home very happy and I could tell that they had kept up with his meds. Would definitely recommend!


July 8, 2015

We recently moved away but we used to use the Woof Room all the time. Our dog loved it and the web cams were awesome. We would usually sign up online but once in a while, like when you're selling a house, you have to move fast and they were great about taking unscheduled visits. I recommend it.


January 9, 2014

My husband and I first heard about the Woof Room because of their involvement with the rescue community. They donate to local rescues and provide free daycare to several rescues in the area. We love that they are giving back, because we have made a commitment to also giving back and only adopting dogs and cats from local rescues. We bring our big silly chocolate lab Duke to The Woof Room a few times a year for boarding. Duke loves his stays at The Woof Room and always comes home happy and tired. We LOVE watching him on their webcams and seeing the staff interact with the dogs. Duke loves playing catch so we love seeing staff play with him while he stays there, knowing he's getting the same love and attention we'd give him at home. Their prices are reasonable - lower than most in the area, but higher if comparing places that are just kennels without play time. Play time was an important component for us when choosing a hotel we didn't want Duke just sitting in a kennel all day alone, because he desires attention at all times and is very active. We also love that we always feel welcome when we go there. Even if it's been a few months, they always recognize Duke and seem happy to see us and are very friendly.


January 5, 2012

Our young beagle dachshund and our grumpy granny dachshund both love the Woof Room. The staff is really well-versed in dog behavior and takes time to understand their unique needs.

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