Lake of the Isles Off-Leash Recreation Area

Lake of the Isles Parkway
Minneapolis, MN

Hours of Operation: 6 am to 10 pm
Size: 3.6 acres
Parking: On-street
Permit: Yes

Category: Dog Parks Minneapolis Minneapolis - Uptown

Minneapolitans love their lakes as much as their dogs: Here they get ‘em both. Situated directly across from Lake of the Isles, this urban oasis boasts wood chips, large trees, and spaces to socialize, play and pant in the sun or shade.

Dog Info

  • Fenced
  • Separate small dog area
  • Trees/wooded areas
  • Benches
  • Waste bags/dispensers
  • Night lights
Concerned dog owner

March 25, 2017

I will never go there again. My dog was seriously attacked twice. Unfortunately several dog owners who frequent the park have aggressive dogs that they can't control.


January 2, 2017

Parks department--do your job! It's so slick there because of the ice...the entire park is a sheet of ice!!!!


January 2, 2017

My 5 month old puppy and I come to this dog park a lot. We started over in the little dog area because she was hovering around 20 pounds. Now we go back and forth to the big dog area and I'd say 90% of the people that come with their pups are regulars and do a good job interacting with the dogs (good for human to dog socializing) and are genuine. There are a few knuckleheads that don't clean up poop or who are not interested in watching their dog. I always have my eyes on my pup. The three star rating is for the blatant ignorance of the park department. What are we paying a fee to you if it's like a sheet of ice there? Can't you put down some sand/salt/woodchucks...anything? It's so dangerous for people and pups!


July 8, 2015

I live in the area and have checked out a number of the dog parks in Minneapolis. Of all of the parks, this one may have the most beautiful location and, in theory, a great setup for a dog park. Unfortunately, this spot has been my least favorite in the area for a couple of reasons. Echoing past comments, I have found that owners lean on two edges of the spectrum: they are too loose with their dog and don't seem to have control or attention when things get aggressive OR they hover over their pups like they're toddlers at a water park. Neither stance makes the experience very fun for those of us trying to "let dogs be dogs" while keeping an eye on the happenings. It's not likely that I'll go back.

David W

May 16, 2014

It's a great location, and the facilities are nice. Trouble is, a lot of dog owners there seem to think that dogs should do nothing but trot around politely and maybe sniff each others' butts. Our dog, a boxer, likes rough and tumble play. He's never hurt another dog; he knows the difference between rough play and actual fighting. But a lot of people there do not approve of dogs being dogs.


April 10, 2014

This is one of my favorite places to relax with my dog! Clean and beautiful area for my dog to run around in. Lots of open space!


June 25, 2013

Fine space, nice fence. I have a large dog so its a decent space. BUT the first time I was there I meet four separate dog owners that were nice. Then a guy came in. Very rude to my dog yelling at him and telling me what to do with him. Very rude. He was analyzing my dogs behavior and making very incorrect judgments. Maybe it was my dogs breed, GSD. We left in a hurry. We are frequent mpls dog parkers (>4/week) and have NEVER had a problem with my dog. I will not be going here again.


August 3, 2012

I like how the dog park has an area only little dogs can go in, in particular because we have a chihuahua that thinks he is huge and tends to try and pick fights with big dogs. I have met some really nice people there but also some really clueless, snotty people as well. I have the best look with going in the morning and mingling with the before work crowd.


March 25, 2012

This is one of the few dog parks that actually has a separate small dog area, and one that is actually nice. Both play areas have picnic benches, wood chips, and a large area to run in. There is also plenty of trees for shade.


November 25, 2011

I gave an earlier comment about this park being amazing but i recently was there and my baby got mauled by a larger dog (weimaraner). The dog had my puppy pinned to the ground and had him by the neck (not in a playful way) and I finally got the dog off my puppy and picked up my baby and the dog was jumping up at me snapping at my puppys face and finally the owner noticed what his dog was doing (becuase clearly if you have an aggressive dog you wouldn't want to keep a eye on him) and told me to put my puppy on the ground so he could grab his dog. he ended up getting his dog and I was so worried about my puppy being hurt that I just took off and left immedaitely without saying anything to the owner. Now after paying good money to go to that park which shouldnt have aggressive dogs, I worry about another dog actually killing my puppy when the other owner isnt paying attention to their dog.


November 18, 2011

I've gone to the park with my little cavalier and so far I really like the park, people and dogs. There are always a few anti-social/snippy people anywhere you go but most of the people and their dogs are very friendly, I cant say that it's not totally because I have a adorable puppy and not let's say a pitbull (whom are widely misunderstood). Anyways I've only ran into one guy who didn't seem to like that my little guy was in the "big dog area" but other then that all the dogs have been great and let me just say the dog breeds you see there are astoudingly cool. So to sum it up: mostly friendly people, awesome dogs, nice space.


September 18, 2011

I agree with most of the other reviewers. The people at this park think they own it. They aren't friendly and they are clickish. Whatever happend to Minnesota nice?? I'm not from here, but I've never met such snobby people in my life! I feel sorry for these people, they obviously have very unhappy lives........


September 6, 2011

Last summer when i was unemployed, i made it a point to drive my two crazy poochies down here everyday so they could play! The upside was- there is usually always SOMEONE/DOG there for the dogs to play with. The down side is- that someone is usually not paying too close attention to their dog or is too busy on their cell phone to notice when their dog gets out of control. And what is with the "dog walkers" in the local area dropping the dogs off and then not watching them? I guess i feel that if you have 4 dogs there, none of which are yours, you probaly can't pay attention to all 4 at once. The bonus is - they have a little dog side. Which sadly equates to even more snobby attitudes.


August 2, 2011

The people that frequent this park can be snobby, or they can be the nicest, most welcoming people you'll meet. It depends entirely on what time of day you go. I prefer to go later in the evenings (after 7 or 7:30) or mid-morning. Not only are there fewer dogs and people there, making it a more manageable situation, the people that are there are neither snobby nor do they not pay attention to their dog (pet peeve!). The park itself is fairly well maintained--gets muddy easily, but nothing to worry about unless we've had rain for more than two days. Lots of room to run! You will need to bring your own jug of water for your dog--please do. I don't mind watering your dog for you, but it'd be nice if you brought water too. There is an area for dogs that weigh less than 20 pounds as well.


June 17, 2011

I had to agree with the previous reviewer about the snobby nature of some of the park regulars. I stopped going to this dog park because there's no grass and some of the owners tended to be clueless about their dogs. It's too bad - it's a convenient location, but I'd rather go elsewhere to get my dog some exercise.


June 16, 2011

Great location, lots of space for the dogs to run, fully fenced and well maintained however, there is no place to access water unless you want to walk down the lake to fill up water jugs. MOST people bring in their own water to fill up the bowls for all the dogs but it is not consisent. The only problem with this dog park is there are frequent visitors of the dog park that are not only rude to newcomers they also extremely snobby towards them. On more than one occasion my dog has been grabbed (roughly I may add) by the same woman to check to see if he has a dog park tag (leave that up to the police to check those tags lady!). One gentlemen proclaims hismelf the "mayor" of the dog park. I stopped going for these reasons and would rather drive 10 miles out of my way to ensure a enjoyable dog park experience for me and my dogs.

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