Metro Dogs Daycare & Boarding

506 11th Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55411

Hours of Operation: Mon. - Fri., 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.; Sa.- Su., 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

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The Metro Dogs mantra is to make your dog-loving life easier with dog daycare, boarding and belly rubs seven days a week. Located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis' North Loop, this versatile facility has five play areas to suit guest temperament and size, including a Tiny Tots room dedicated to tiny dogs and very young puppies. There’s also in/out play (a fresh air space with a roof and a fence), a large outdoor potty area, spacious kennels, a fresh-air exchange system, air-conditioned/heated playrooms and boarding, and lots of love from experienced dog handlers. Pet parents will appreciate flexible pick-up and drop-off, easy one-price boarding, pup webcams with a phone app, and the "babysitter package," a service that lets you enjoy dinner or a show after work and pay just $10 for your furkid to stay at daycare until 9:30 p.m. And if Fido needs help with manners, their trainers will work with him during the day at no extra charge.

Dog Info

  • Water available
  • Free treats
  • Belly rubs

August 2, 2016

I cannot say enough great things about Metro Dogs and their staff! I have a 5 month old puppy and I bring him 1-2 times a week to burn off extra energy and socialize with other dogs. The moment we turn on the street he starts jumping and making puppy squeaks because he knows where he is going! I did quite a bit of research looking for a dog daycare and Metro Dogs is by far the best in the Twin Cities. The convenient location is just another cherry on top! The staff is beyond accommodating and friendly, and the facility is extremely clean! We will be going to Metro Dogs for all of our daycare and boarding needs from here on out! Thank you, Metro Dogs!

Brew's Human

January 19, 2016

Sometimes, I think my dog prefers Metro to being at home with me! Amy and crew do a great job of keeping the dogs safe, clean and happy, encouraging play without badgering the dogs. I love that they put dogs together not only by size but by temperament. I will never forget tuning in to the Littles webcam and seeing a large doodle hanging very happily with much smaller dogs. It was about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. I can't say enough good things about this place.

Judy Borger

July 23, 2012

Metro Dogs is the perfect mix of personalized care and an opportunity for my dog, Honey, to socialize with other dogs.


July 23, 2012

Metro Dogs is the best! My dog LOVES going there! They treat him like family and he has a great time. I have sent him to other daycares and he was lukewarm about them, He loves Metro and gets super excited every time I take him.

Steph S

July 11, 2012

I wanted to take the time and share with everyone how happy I am with the love and care that my little Daisy receives at Metro Dogs. I have had several daycares for my Daisy, as I travel quite a bit for work. Having recently moved to Minneapolis, I was quite fearful that I would not find a place that I could trust with my dog, ensuring she would have fun and get great care. I tried several places, and now that I found Metro Dogs, I am no longer looking. Great staff, great facility that is clean and very conducive to dogs playing safely. I can always communicate when I am on the road with the staff to ensure all is OK. They all truly enjoy what they do and love the dogs that they get to take care of!!


July 8, 2012

I’ve never written an online review before, but I had to take the time to tell you about our fantastic experience with MetroDogs. Our puppy, Zoey, is now five months old and has been going to MetroDogs almost every weekday since she was just nine weeks old. We have been absolutely delighted with every single aspect of MetroDogs. Amy and Greg and all the staff are awesome. Zoey loves playing at MetroDogs and actually protests and tries to refuse when its time to leave. MetroDogs takes extra special care of its puppies. Amy and her staff actually helped crate train and potty train Zoey. When Zoey was a little puppy, Amy set up a crate for her in the front office so she could be with the staff. When Zoey outgrew that, Amy gave her a dedicated kennel for her to take naps and have her lunch. MetroDogs also gives Zoey her baths and trims her nails. Jackie, the trainer, has helped us resolve Zoey’s little puppy misbehaviors. We like being able to watch Zoey play on the webcams. The weekday hours are super convenient and we’ve taken advantage of the weekend and holiday services several times.


May 4, 2012

METRO DOGS ROCKS! Check the website and trust your gut!! I want only the BEST for my pets and I certainly found it here at Metro Dogs. I have never used daycare or boarding before. I'm a stay-at-home retired person and because I was encouraged by my daughter who brings her two dogs to Metro Dogs and because I realize my dogs would probably love to be more active, I decided to do something about it. I checked out the very informative webpage and then watched the tour video given by a highly devoted animal lover and owner. I was drawn immediately to her genuine nature ... there was not a trace of slick salesmanship .. .she had pride in what she could offer her canine friends. And, oh my. When they say "trust your gut," do it. Once you watch the video, you'll be sold. My three dogs have spent an initial 1/2 day and today was their first full day. I watched them on the webcam like a parent away from his/her child. Every member of the staff I've encountered is EXCEPTIONAL. You can just feel the love they have for the animals and their chosen field of work. I watch my dogs being pet, hugged and supervised. I watch my dogs walk and walk and walk and walk -- and, guess what? The staff is doing the same. There is not one person taking it easy. The facility is state of the art -- special flooring so that the dogs can romp & run and not injure themselves, fresh air system (well, watch the video). Every dog is known by name. Each dog's temperament is gauged and they WANT to know if there is anything special they can do for your pet child. Both the owner, Amy, and Greg, a master of all trades, are friendly, humorous, informative, accommodating, and tired ... they are hard workers. I know this is rambling but let me tell you this from my gut. I wish I had known about Metro Dogs the day they opened. I can only be grateful now. I know my golden doodle pup, Boden, and my shih tzus, Homer and Marge, would say the same. They come home, eat, and are pretty much out for the night. They are dreaming about all the people at Metro Dogs and about which canine buddy may be there next time they go. You couldn't pay a babysitter of a human baby to do what these special people do. They are in it for the love of your pet, definitely not for the money. Please, dare to go once at least. You'll be sold! Thank you all, Metro staff, for bringing a lot of safe fun and socialization into the lives of Boden, Homer, and Marge!!! TEN PAWS!


May 1, 2012

Metro Dogs blew me away - in a good way! The day before our vacation, our pet sitter canceled on us, leaving us scrambling to make boarding arrangements for our beloved Shiloh Shepherd, Maddie. Several other places turned me away, citing policies about trial visits, advance notice requirements and 24 hour waiting periods. Amy actually listened to my situation, and was so helpful and flexible in working with me to meet all their requirements in a compressed time frame. She confirmed the vet records within minutes of receiving them and quickly arranged for Maddie to meet with the Metro Dogs trainer for a temperament assessment and supervised trial visit during my lunch break. She had to make sure our dog would play nice with the others. Amy walked me through the boarding facilities, which were new and spotless and impressively odor-free. Maddie stayed at Metro Dogs for 5 days and I was SO amazed with the level of personal attention Amy pays to her clients. We checked in via the web cam and noticed our big girl was sitting shyly by herself and seemed intimidated by the other big, active dogs. Amy mentioned this (unprompted) during her update and had Maddie moved to a playgroup with smaller, less active dogs where she seemed much happier. I was nervous about the whole boarding situation, but Amy gave me total peace of mind by emailing regular photo and video updates - the first one emailed at 3:00am the first night! I woke up that first morning to find a reassuring email and photo of our sleeping dog and I knew our dog was in the best of hands.


March 4, 2012

I can't say enough good things about Metro Dogs! The place is immaculate, there's a great mix of dogs that all get along because they've been thoroughly screened before they're allowed in. They accept all breeds, as long as they pass the temperament screening. The pricing is very reasonable and they have been very accommodating with my busy travel schedule. Every time Bruce comes home from Metro Dogs, he falls asleep on the couch because they've kept him busy and socialized during the day. They send me pictures regularly as well as have 2 webcams setup in the play areas so I can watch my little buddy when I'm on the road. Amy and her staff are highly trained and dedicated to the care of your dog and they love your dog, too!


November 22, 2011

This is an impressive facility and operation. Immaculate, great space lay out, attentive staff. Also smaller overall capacity, which is a better fit for our bassets. Give the new kid on the block a try. Hear they have lots of space for holiday boarding, while others are nearly full.


November 21, 2011

Metro Dogs is a great addition to our dog community! Amy has thought of everything in the design of the facility from the ceiling hoses, the air exchange system, the flooring and the dust-free pebbles in the potty area. My somewhat aging springer spaniel has been to daycare and boarded at Metro Dogs. She has a spring in her step and has had a great time at Metro Dogs! We highly recommend it!

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