Solace Veterinary Hospice

Solace Veterinary Hospice
Serving the greater Twin Cities area

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Category: At-Home Euthanasia Bereavement Veterinarians

Solace Veterinary Hospice provides in-home veterinary care for dogs and cats who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. At Solace, comfort is key; it's about "caring, not curing."

Services include pain management, palliative care, managing mobility and hydration issues, nutritional counseling, and in-home euthanasia. Geriatric Quality of Life Care, focusing on the pain and behavioral issues of pets with advanced age, is another unique offering.

Dog Info

  • Water available
  • Free treats
  • Belly rubs

May 18, 2015

+++++ We will be forever grateful to her for her kindness, compassion and gentleness in helping our beloved Biscuit pass. I was crying so hard on the phone, I could hardly talk. Never once did she try to hurry me, or display any impatience. Also made a beautiful paw print, trimmed off a bit of his fur and honored a frantic, ridiculous call from me to save a few of his whiskers, all presented in a great velvet bag, along with his ashes.

Robin & Blue

October 23, 2011

My yellow lab Blue had progressive arthritis and I had started thinking about finding a vet who would visit my home. I researched Dr. Randall’s website and found she focused on hospice/palliative care for terminally ill pets. After our first conversation, I knew we would stay in touch. Even though Blue was still mobile, I wanted to make sure I had support as Blue’s geriatric issues progressed. Sadly, a month after meeting Dr. Randall, Blue was diagnosed with cancer. Through the surgery, chemotherapy treatments and pain management issues, Dr. Randall guided me through many difficult decisions. She is passionate about providing medical care and hospice support that is so important during this time. I can’t imagine having gone through this without Dr. Randall!

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