Crystal Community Dog Park

Bassett Creek Park
6001 32nd Ave N
Crystal, MN 55422

Hours of Operation: Sunrise to 10:00 pm
Size: Just shy of an acre
Parking: Yes
Permit: No

Category: Dog Parks Northern Suburbs

This tidy, newly opened park is a sweet haven for area peeps and their pups, and is designed to please both. The large main area is wood-chipped and features benches and picnic tables. There’s a nearby spigot to fill up your water bottles, too.

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Dog Info

  • Fenced
  • Picnic Table
  • Benches
  • Waste Bags/Dispensers

July 6, 2016

Will never come here again. There is an overly dominant and quite aggressive German Shepherd there that the owner has not trained well. If I could give this park a 0 I would.

new user

November 19, 2015

This was our first time going to this park. The park was in fine shape, its a dog park and there will be some level of poop not picked up, etc. What concerned me the most was that there were at least 5 dogs, large dogs that we rough with other dogs and their owners were not controlling them or even really attempting to control their dogs. I picked up my dog who was getting picked on and the dogs were jumping on me and nipping at me and my dog and there was nothing but verbal calling to the dogs, which as we know doesn't do much. We will give it another try, however the rules are simple: 1. control your dog 2. pick up after your dog 3. be respectful of others


April 2, 2015

We love going to this park and it's free! Repeat visitors are friendly, supportive, and understanding of dog behavior and park etiquette for the most part. Sure, not all poop gets picked up, because sometimes there aren't any bags and sometimes the little buggers just go when you aren't looking. It happens. The only reason this park doesn't get a 5 out of 5 from me is due to the lax rules regarding toys. Owners have a right to take their dogs to a space that is free of choking hazards like chewed up pieces of toys left behind from other playmates. If a dog spends a primary amount of their park time laying in a location and chewing, it seems a little inconsiderate to leave the remaining mess and possible conflict instigator behind. The dog park experience is a "shared" experience. Just like picking up poo, please pick up chewed up choking hazards to keep the space clean and safe.


April 2, 2015

I like it a lot, only wish they would have a better watering hole for the dogs. Can't fill up bowls anymore plus a little more sitting places for the owners would be nice. Other than that I love the place and always know when there will be a lot of dogs there.


April 2, 2015

Great, friendly neighborhood park. A loyal group of many dogs and their people. Large variety of dogs. Bassett Creek is a nice park that offers trails, ball fields, playground and picnic area. We had a potluck last year with a large turnout. Nice for dogs and their owners.


July 17, 2014

I like the space a lot! Gets pretty muddy after rain, so beware. I have a small dog, and sometimes the larger dogs get too excited around him, so it is AWESOME that the surrounding park has walking trails if we need to remove ourselves.


May 24, 2013

Not my favorite park. My Golden Retriever (who loves EVERYONE, and chases and wrestles with the best of them) has been bullied so badly the few times we have been to this park that she will come sit on my feet and refuse to play anymore. Also, not everyone picks up after their dog.

CKC mom

August 20, 2012

The park is kind of on the smaller side (but by no means a small park) Its located in a nice neighborhood in a spacious park. There is a very good variety of dogs from low energy to very high energy. There are always some toys hanging around in the park to play with and a very nice water fountain for the pups. There is a grassy hill but otherwise all wood chips. Not much for shade (there is one tree in the center of the park) so I wouldn't recommend it on a hot sunny day. Overall its a nice park with nice people in a nice area.

shelbys mom

August 17, 2011

Just big enough so that the dogs can get a good run, but not so large that you lose sight of your dogs (or their poop!). My dogs love the tunnel and running in circles around the new tree :0)


June 23, 2011

A community hockey rink occupied this space before it went to the dogs. Roughly an acre, it's open and a good place for a dog to run and be chased by other dogs and still be monitored by owners. A semi-blue collar park, simple, without a lot of airs. The mix of dogs changes day-to-day. Sometimes good, sometimes too many horn dogs. Lots of walking area in surrounding main park .

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