Alpine Dog Park

6600 Alpine Dr
Ramsey, MN 55303

Hours of Operation: Check website
Size: Under 3 acres
Parking: Yes

Category: Dog Parks

Also known as the Ramsey "Bark Park," this off-leash area has been attracting dogs and their people since it opened in 2009. It is fully fenced and, at under three acres, is ideally sized for romping and socializing. Many pet parents say their four-leggeds love to play in the park's long grasses. A doggie drinking fountain is an extra-smart touch.

Dog Info

  • Fenced
  • Waste bags/dispensers
  • Benches
  • Picnic Tables

September 14, 2016

As a long time Ramsey resident (23 years) I've been coming to the park since it opened. Raised two dogs in the Alpine Dog Park. It's a great place and space with nice pet-friendly touches. While many of the visitors could be more attentive to their pets, overall it's a great place to bring your furry friend. It would be nice for a separate space for small dogs who may feel intimidated by the larger breeds that tend to frequent the park...a space like the Andover/Coon Rapids Dog Park. PS--I don't belong to any clique. I keep to myself.

Just me

August 25, 2015

Nice Park - have been going for quite some time. There are a lot of nice people; however, there is a group of catty women that go every night. If you're not part of their clique, you can tend to feel like an outsider. Also, some people don't watch their dogs as they're too busy chatting. Dogs pooping and humping other dogs while owners not paying attention. Overall a nice park.

all for alpine

November 22, 2014

We have been going to Alpine Dog Park for 3 years and have made some awesome friends. Both canine and human alike. We go nearly every day and look forward to seeing our friends. We love the sense of community and the fun extra activities that are planned. This is a great park with great people.

Maya's mom

September 14, 2014

Visited this park for the first time with dog in tow today. The people were friendly & even holding a cookout outside the gates. There is a real feeling of community here -- people with common interests and a love of dogs and community. The water fountain is inside the park (vs outside) as we have seen in other areas, which is nice. While our dog didn't really socialize with others (she's shy at first), we found the park to be clean and a nice combination of woods, grass and asphalt. It is small, but it does its job. We will be back!

Love dog parks

May 26, 2014

I have been going to this park for a couple of years now and frequent many others... We aren't perfect, but we are a community of dog lovers... If you took a moment to get to know us you would find that we are very caring and a social bunch that loves to interact with everyone. It doesn't matter what breed your dog is or size. There is everything from Newfoundlands to York Terriers to Chihuahuas. I think it's intimidating to walk into a park and see people who are as close-knit as we are... We aren't snobs. The park is great, but can feel small at times for its size since its popularity has grown and it does not take long for it to feel crowded and overwhelming due to too many dogs at once... I wish the parks size could be expanded to accommodate more dogs. Thanks.


October 6, 2011

I thought this park was a decent switch from our regular few until this last time. As soon as we walked in almost everyone was being rude to us. Apparently we didnt fit into their clique. One lady grabbed her kid fiercly by the arm when she tried to pet my dog and said "dont! we dont know that dog!"... as a trainer, dogs sense everything including tension. So now their not only making it uncomfortable for me and my family, their making it uncomfortable for our dogs as well.


October 5, 2011

We have been out there a few times, park is nice, like stated before some of the people are friendly, but there has been on more then one occasion where people are rude and very judgmental on types of dogs. I wouldn't suggest bringing your dog here unless you have a lap dog, because dog discrimination seems to be common at this park unless you are part of their clique of course. It's too bad, because we like the layout and convenience of the location, but not going back anymore, which is probably ok with the dog nazi's there i am sure.

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