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Does your pet have pain or act scared sometimes? Ever wish you could tell her something she would understand? Wish you knew what he was thinking?

Let the wonderful Elaine (winner of the 2015 Best of Minneapolis: Animal Communicator Award) help you with any of the following challenges or transitions to help your dog be and feel her best:

  • Adjusting to new changes (new home, new baby, etc.)
  • Aging or mobility issues
  • Car sickness
  • Anxiety around vets, during thunderstorms, etc.
  • Excessive barking or chewing
  • Pain
  • Physical or emotional trauma
  • Urination/marking/spraying


November 24, 2014

I first contacted Elaine in 2012 when I discovered my cat Katie had cancer. Elaine assisted Katie through several Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) sessions and with several animal communications. The communications and support from Elaine during this difficult time gave comfort to Katie, in addition to me and my family. Two months after Katie's passing, we discovered a lump on our senior dog Abby's neck - it was lymphoma and tongue cancer. It was Abby's turn to be supported by Elaine's HTA sessions and animal communications. In 10 months we lost two dear pets. Elaine was our rock! On Abby's angel day, Elaine come to our home and supported Abby with one last HTA session and then led a celebration of life before the vet came to our home. Elaine stayed with us until Abby transitioned peacefully. Recently, I've had to contact Elaine on two occasions when there was an emergency. First when our cat Max was not feeling well on a Saturday after my vet had closed. Max told Elaine, "I want to go to the vet!" (If Max was asking to go to the vet, I knew he was not feeling well!) He was having a hard time going to the bathroom. A trip to the emergency vet concluded he almost had a full blockage - I am so glad we didn't wait until Monday morning to see our regular vet! The second time was just last week when my three teenagers called me at work in a panic. When they got home from school our dog Sammy was excited as usual to see the kids. He was running around all excited and then all the sudden he was yelping and crying in pain, dragging his body. They were not sure what had happened. After I heard Sammy crying in pain over the phone and feeling helpless at work...who did I call before the vet? Elaine! Elaine first calmed me down and reminded me to breathe. She then walked me through a TTouch ear stroke to have my children do on Sam to help with his pain and calm him down. Elaine was then able to communicate with Sammy and calm him down and took him through inhales and exhales - breathing through his pain. E: Sammy, please breathe with me. Good inhales and exhales. I need you to breathe deep. This will help you manage the pain better. How does this feel? S: Better. It feels better. Sammy went on to explain he was being silly and playing around and jumped off the sofa and landed wrong. S: It hurts. It hurts. My back and both legs (Sam had landed with both back legs spread apart). While Sammy and Elaine talked, I called the vet and made an appointment. Elaine followed up the next day with a few tips, including, a few Young Living oils to use on Sam in addition to a TTouch stroke. Elaine has helped several of my friend's pets and co-worker's pets and I continue to recommend her whenever I hear someone has a pet that would benefit from her support. One more thing, Elaine provides a complete transcript of her conversation with your pet which is so helpful!


August 2, 2012

I have adopted two very shy and fearful puppy mill survivors, and Elaine has been of enormous help as I have worked with them to build confidence and understanding. I first contacted Elaine to help me communicate with Isabel, a small Cocker Spaniel. Elaine used Healing Touch and taught me some T-Touch techniques as well, and Issa grew into a brave and optimistic dog. Sadly, Isabel developed liver disease as a result of an attack by another dog. Elaine provided supportive healing therapies that made Isabel's transition easier for her - although I was devastated. Soon, though, I found another Cocker girl - from the same Rescue and foster family who had helped Issa. When Penny joined me, she was even more fearful than Isabel had been. She had inexplicable panic attacks that came right when she and I were peacefully resting together. In complete confusion, I called Elaine, who communicated immediately with Penny. Penny explained that she was terrified because she had "seen something" in the room. As Elaine talked with her. Penny started to realize that the "something" had been Isabel's presence, visiting to see how we were doing. After this "conversation," Penny's panic attacks never reoccured. Elaine helped Penny further with a Trauma Release during a Healing Touch session. The difference in Penny was dramatic. Even friends who had only seen photos remarked that she was looking like a different dog. I continue to consult Elaine so that Penny can blossom into the dog she was meant to be. Thank you, Elaine!

Dudley and me

July 10, 2012

I have worked with Elaine twice. The first time was when my dog was dying and now that I have a new dog, Elaine has been terrific. My current dog has separation anxiety and T-Touch has really helped him and me. She has provided a lot of support. I don't think I could have made the transition to having another dog without her.

Ann at Pets Are Inn

September 8, 2011

I have had the opportunity to work with Animal Bridges on several occassions. The results have been terrific. Because of the resulsts I have no reservations recommending Elaine to my pet parents.

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