Meeker Island Dog Park

N Mississippi River Blvd & Eustis Street
St. Paul, MN 55104

Category: Dog Parks St. Paul

The Meeker Island Dog Park is located adjacent to Meeker Island Historic Lock and Dam site, just west of the intersection of Eustis Street and N Mississippi River Blvd near the border of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

The park is located along the river at the bottom of the bluff and can be accessed from the entrance along the Mississippi River Blvd trail. It features a dog run and a dog beach. There is no fence surrounding the park, which is bordered by the Mississippi River and the steep river bluffs.


June 17, 2015

This is a really small park...we had the place to ourselves. I brought a couple balls and a chuck-it so it was a good thing we had the place to ourselves, with just a narrow strip of beach. It was a little flooded when I was there, so I'm sure it's usually a bit bigger, but this is really more of a place for a swim than socializing or playing ball. I did throw the ball out into the river a little but I was worried about getting it too far out for my dog's safety. The walk down was nice and since the entrance to the park is the top of the stairs I was able to let him off-leash there and not get pulled down :-) Gotta carry your waste out but there is a garbage near the top of the stairs.


May 23, 2015

There are dead fish all along the river and shore, there is little signage telling you how to get there, and there is no reason that there is not a gate at the entrance. It is a nice walk to get down there though, and my dog really enjoyed rolling on top of a rotting catfish, so at least she was happy.

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