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Doggie Date Night: Dog Day at the Saints Baseball Stadium

Get ready to woof, woof, woof for the home team: a dog-friendly night of baseball with the St. Paul Saints is right around the corner! The event will benefit Pet Haven, Minnesota’s oldest foster-based animal rescue, which re-homes cats and dogs, spays and neuters to reduce overpopulation, and promotes companion animal welfare. Leash up your pup … Read More

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Six Dog-Friendly Breweries to Tap this Summer

Of all the delights that summer in Minnesota has to offer, grabbing a cool craft beer with friends by your side and a pup at your feet has gotta be one of our faves. Here are five trendy patios — and one tap room — that are guaranteed to bring hop-timal enjoyment to you and your boozehound in the sunny months to … Read More

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Sidewalk Dog on Twin Cities Live: Adopt Mursey

Today Mursey made her TV debut on Twin Cities Live, and she sure took a shine to fame. This sleek n’ sturdy young pittie is perhaps part piggy, as evidenced by the gentle snorting she exuded as she snuggled up to her chaperons in the green room. She’s got the most lovable giant noggin, and is available for adoption … Read More

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Join our Insta-Party and Your Next Happy Hour Could Be on Us

Our tails are thumping: Sidewalk Dog is a finalist in the Instagram category of the Best of the Twin Cities awards! Now we need your help to come out as top dog. To celebrate our nomination and the voters (you!) who could help us win, we’re giving away a Sidewalk Dog t-shirt with a $25 gift card to Blue Plate … Read More

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Always Wanted to Work with Animals? Here’s the Program You’ve Been Waiting For

Ask any group of eight-year-olds what they want to be when they grow up and you’ll likely hear a chorus of “veterinarian!” (My own answer at that age was “marine biologist,” which I thought meant feeding fish to amusement-park dolphins in front of a cheering crowd. Didn’t quite achieve that goal, thank dog — though … Read More

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Fur-Leaf Clover: 8 MN Pups who are Irish for the Day

Happy St. Patty’s Day, SWDers! Just because your four-legged leprechauns can’t join you in imbibing a green beer tonight doesn’t mean they aren’t stoked to celebrate by your side. In honor of one of our fave holidays, we found eight local lads and lassies who are shamrockin’ that festive green and gold attire with the best of ’em. [Related: (Dog) … Read More

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April Cover Dog Cuties

Our April Cover Dog Contest came in like a lion and went out with a little lamb as the winner. Congrats, Alex! “He’s deaf, toothless, and has one eye, but don’t tell him that,” says loving mom Michelle of St. Paul. This cutie pie wins a KME Photography photo shoot, dog food from NutriSource, and Sidewalk Dog swag, and will reign over our … Read More

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Running Out of Phone Storage (Again)? Blame your Dog

On a typical day, I receive roughly 14 “helpful” notifications from my phone to let me know that I’m low on storage. A new study from MiMedia Inc. presents an unsurprising explanation: blame those dog pics! Their survey of 1,000 pet owners revealed that people with dogs take an average of two photos of their pet daily, adding up to around 1.21 GB per year. As … Read More

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Dirty Dogs: 10 Pups Whose Names Are Mud

Spring is almost here: before we know it, the birds will be chirping, the flowers blooming, and the pups nosing their way outdoors for a romp through clean grass  a field of daises  a wet, rotting pile of dead something. Seriously, what is that smell? In preparation, here are 10 dogs whose names are mud (or sand. or dead fish smell). … Read More

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10 Dogs Celebrating Leap Day in the Most Impressive Ways Possible

Happy Leap Day, SWDers! The occasion has something to do with solar year, the calendar year, and, well, math. It’s Monday morning: we say no to math. Your athletic pups, however, say “heck yeah!” to showing off some Leap Day moves.  ‘Cause a party that only comes once every four years is one worth celebrating in style. 1. Wiley, … Read More

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