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SPEAK UP for Minnesota Dogs & Cats on February 19

Fact: There is no State law to license, inspect or regulate commercial dog and cat breeders in Minnesota, and as a result, Minnesota is home to some of the largest puppy mills in the nation. Fact: While many breeders in Minnesota act responsibly, there are those who keep dogs and cats in deplorable conditions and profit at … Read More

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State of Purpose: A Puppy Mill Bill Update

In March of 2010, Animal Humane Society’s Tracie Popma wrote a guest post for our blog detailing the state’s puppy mill problem and a bill designed to license, inspect and regulate animal breeding facilities. At the time, the bill was struggling to make it through the Minnesota legislature, and unfortunately, it still hasn’t passed. It … Read More

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Twin Cities Live Highlights: 12/5/11

All righty, here’s the skinny: if you did not see Twin Cities Live today you truly must read this recap! (And if you DID see it, by all means indulge in a second helping.) Ali’s visit to the show was even more festive than usual, and the dollop of whipped cream on a sweet-as-pie segment was … Read More

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Twin Cities Live Update: 11/7/11!

Crisp fall afternoons are perfect for curling up in front of the TV with a hot cup of cider. Specifically, curling up with your old friends at Twin Cities Live. Didn’t get a chance to see Ali and an adoptable gingersnap earlier today? That’s okay; we’re delighted to give you the highlights. There may be no such … Read More

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Just the Facts, Please: Minnesota's Puppy and Kitten Mill Bill

A bill to regulate Minnesota’s commercial dog and cat breeders has been getting a lot of attention lately—though the bill was just defeated in the Senate Agriculture Committee. Sidewalk Dog asked Animal Humane Society (AHS), which was closely involved with the effort, to educate our readers on this issue. Here’s what AHS’s Tracie Jacobson had to … Read More

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Strength in Numbers: Pet Sitters Band Together

By Meredeth Barzen Back in the early aughts, a loosely knit group of Twin Cities pet sitters decided they needed a way to represent themselves. “We wanted to legitimize our group and have some professional standards so that there was some assurance to customers that the member businesses were legitimate and professional,” says Jennifer Grossman, … Read More

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