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Smart Tips for Safe Pups: Sniffing Out Valentine’s Day Dangers

Do you ruuuuv V-Day or do you turn up your nose at the over-hyped hoopla? There are a few of us in each camp here at SWD, but when it comes to celebrating, we agree this holiday is paw-sitively heartwarming if it’s all about puppy love. And there’s zero stress ‘cause treats, play time, and extra snuggles are … Read More

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10 Reasons This Summer Will be the Dog-Friendliest Ever

When the cold weather comes — and stays (for-ev-er) — Minnesota dog owners do our darndest to keep cooped-up pups socialized, stimulated, and safe. But let’s face it: we’re all dreaming of warmer, sunnier times with a bev in our hand and a pooch by our side. The thermometer may as well read ‘negative eleventeen’ today, but summer IS coming — we’ve got the dog-friendly patio … Read More

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Dog-Friendly Digs: MartinBlu Apartments

Our Dog-Friendly Digs series shines a spotlight on the best dog-friendly apartment living at every budget around the Twin Cities. Inspired by pup-ular demand, we dig deep into the deets and amenities dog lovers care about so you’ll be better informed when picking a place for you and your pooch. Although we love to yap … Read More

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Running with the Big Dogs: Off-Leash Barn Romp Event

Calling all big* dogs: The small dogs had their fun, now it’s your turn for an indoor play date. Track down your hooman and press that big ol’ noggin into their lap til they agree: you NEED to get out of the house — preferably to a huge, heated barn — and romp til you drop. … Read More

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Dog Park Detective: Lake Minnewashta

Dog Park Detective is an ongoing series in which Sidewalk Dog sniffs out the best dog parks in the Twin Cities metro. Check out the other parks we’ve investigated, and stay tuned for opportunities for your dog to be one of our Dog Park Detectives! The Dog: Hurley The Day: Thursday, January 21 The Park: Lake Minnewashta Off-Leash … Read More

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Sidewalk Dog on Twin Cities Live: Adopt Maximus Moon

He might be a young ‘un, but Mr. Maximus Moon has a calm, cool, and collected kinda vibe. This dapper southern gent from Midwest Animal Rescue & Services (here by way of Arkansas) charmed the socks off everyone at the Twin Cities Live studio today with his relaxed demeanor and impeccable posture. Even his escort Ali Jarvis was smitten … Read More

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Doggie Date: Photos of Your Furry Valentine

If you crave quality time with your fave hound heartthrob on Valentine’s weekend, you’re in luck: the My Furry Valentine tradition continues at Metro Dogs Daycare & Boarding on Saturday, February 13 from 12-4 pm. Karin Newstrom Photography will be on hand to capture the fondness you have for your four-legged friend — a keepsake sweeter than any box of chocolates. Metro Dogs owner … Read More

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10 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Help Your Favorite Dog-friendly Resource

Sidewalk Dog was created to help you better enjoy life with your dog by your side. We’re lucky to be a dog-friendly resource to the best dog-lovin’ community around. Your support inspires us to be better for you and makes us feel as happy as a pup getting a belly rub. We get a lot … Read More

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February Cover Dog Cuties

Congratulations to Joplin, our February Cover Dog Contest winner! Joplin the Boxer (aka #joplintheboxer on Instagram) was not only crowned top dog, she also scored big prizes including a KME Photography cover photo, free food from NutriSource, and sassy Sidewalk Dog swag. However, this jazzy lady wasn’t the only adorable dog in this month’s contest. Here’s a look at … Read More

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Gettin’ Lucky: The Scoop on Free Stuff Friday

Free stuff and Fridays. Now that’s a combo sure to get anypup a’waggin’! What’s it all about? Simple premise: we gather fun dog-related freebies (mostly from local businesses), ask you easy (and sometimes silly) questions on Facebook, and you answer to enter. We pick the winners at random unless otherwise specified — although you’re ALL winners … Read More

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