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Wiggle-Worthy Eve at 3 Squares: Yappy Hour Recap

Last week we celebrated another summer yappy hour at the always-lovely 3 Squares Restaurant, where you come to eat, drink, and merrily support one of the wiggliest causes around: Minnesota Boxer Rescue. KME Photography joined in the fun to capture the carousing. Check out a paw-ful of our faves below, then head to the full gallery to peruse and purchase. Woof-out … Read More

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Fab, Thanks to Fido: How Dogs can Make Us Happier & Healthier

You’ve probably always known that your dog can make you happy, but did you know that an increasing body of research shows that your furry BFF can also make you healthy? We’re spillin’ the kibble on some of the many ways that pet ownership can bring wag-worthy wellness into your life: Walk the walk. You may … Read More

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Doggie Date: MN Paws on the Patio

Summer may be winding down, but our yappy hour scene is not: Bark your calendars for a Monday funday on Longfellow Grill‘s huge courtyard and patio along the gorgeous Mississippi River Parkway. WHAT: MN Paws on the Patio WHEN: Monday, August 29, 5:00pm – 9:00pm WHERE: Longfellow Grill in Minneapolis (map) BENEFICIARY: 10% of food and drink sales on the patio … Read More

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Sa-weet! Fruit you can Feed your Furry Friend

In honor of National Watermelon Day, we’ll be sharing slices with our dogs. Yup, watermelon is one fruit that is not only safe to feed Fido, its high water content and hefty helpings of nutrients like potassium and vitamins A and C make it a wag-alicious choice for hot summer days like today. A couple caveats: … Read More

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Sidewalk Dog on Twin Cities Live: Adopt Guzzey

Today our pack leader Ali Jarvis stopped by Twin Cities Live to introduce Guzzey, a fluffy friend adoptable from Wags & Whiskers Animal Rescue. This lil’ ladies man didn’t shy away from a snuggle sesh with Steve’s special co-host, Julia Cobbs of myTalk 107.1, who couldn’t resist his canine charms. Part Pekingese, part Pug, and — okay — maybe a … Read More

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Smart Tips for Safe Pups: The Skin-ny on Sun Safety

Your four-legged friend basks belly up in the sunshine, gently snoring in utter contentment, the warmth having lulled him or her into la-la land. And you wish you could shape-shift into a dog ’cause it looks far more relaxing than when two-legged types try to soak up some vitamin D. But before you let your pal … Read More

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Doggie Date: Yappy Hour at 3 Squares Restaurant

August is almost here and we’re gearing up to make the last month of summer a hound-dog hootenanny from start to finish. Case in point: An upcoming SWD yappy hour on a gorgeous courtyard and patio. There will be snacks. There will be drinks. There will be irresistible underbites. WHAT: Yappy Hour at 3 Squares Restaurant BENEFICIARY: 10% of … Read More

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Sidewalk Dog on Twin Cities Live: Cool Summer Products for Pups

Whether you’re howling that summer’s half gone already or simply panting to get through these dog days, here’s our woof to the wise: Keep cool and wag on! Need a few fresh ideas as to how? Twin Cities Live invited our pack leader Ali Jarvis for a bonus segment this month and she shared some grrreat games and gear to help your … Read More

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3 Squares Patio Party Goes Swimmingly for MN Dogs

This week we threw a warm n’ windy yappy hour at the gorgeous 3 Squares Restaurant. The lovely Renée Duncan Photography caught those precious pups of yours on camera — below are some of our fave pics from the evening. As always, we’re wagging with thanks to Tito’s Handmade Vodka for sponsoring this event — the hoomans were drooling over the delish … Read More

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Doggie Date: People & Pets on the Patio

UPDATE 7/27: Due to rain, this event has been rescheduled for Wednesday, 8/3. Holy Schnauzer, have you guys seen the calendar lately? Summer’s halfway done (sigh) but you still have plenty of time to pack in as much pup-lovin’ fun as possible. Here comes the next of this year’s SWD yappy hours: WHAT: People & Pets on the Patio BENEFICIARY: People … Read More

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