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Smart Tips for Safe Pups: The Skin-ny on Sun Safety

Your four-legged friend basks belly up in the sunshine, gently snoring in utter contentment, the warmth having lulled him or her into la-la land. And you wish you could shape-shift into a dog ’cause it looks far more relaxing than when two-legged types try to soak up some vitamin D. But before you let your pal … Read More

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Smart Tips for Safe Pups: Why Microchipping is a Must-Doo

Even though they may act as our second shadows, ’tis a fact that dogs go missing all the time. And you don’t have to have a “runner,” either. Dogs can be startled by noises (fireworks, thunders, construction, etc.) and flee in a panic, or catch the scent of a squirrel or rabbit and lunge when … Read More

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Mission Animal Hospital: MN’s First and Only Nonprofit Vet Hospital

11/10/16 Editor’s Note: A portion of proceeds from our NEW MN Maker Howliday Boxes benefit Mission Animal Hospital. They’re only available thru 11/20, so get your paws on ’em ASAP! When Mission Animal Hospital (MAH) opened in 2012, its goal was simple: to offer affordable veterinary services to people in financial need. Nearly four years … Read More

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Always Wanted to Work with Animals? Here’s the Program You’ve Been Waiting For

Ask any group of eight-year-olds what they want to be when they grow up and you’ll likely hear a chorus of “veterinarian!” (My own answer at that age was “marine biologist,” which I thought meant feeding fish to amusement-park dolphins in front of a cheering crowd. Didn’t quite achieve that goal, thank dog — though … Read More

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Tooth be Told: Doggie Dental Care Counts

Is your dog’s rabies vaccination up to date? Are you vigilant about heartworm and tick prevention? Do you brush those chompers regularly? Semi-regularly? Ever? Doggie dental care can take a back seat to other health care, but according to Dr. Steve Barghusen, the three most important health areas for dogs are dental, obesity, and behavior. (And many of … Read More

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7 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool and Safe This Summer

Yup, it’s hot out. And while we humans love throwing on a swim suit and soaking up the rays, summer heat and humidity can be brutal for your dog — especially if you don’t take extra steps to ensure your buddy’s comfort. Here’s what you need to know to ensure your dog has a summer every … Read More

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Canine Influenza Detected in Minnesota

Yesterday, May 26, two reports were released regarding canine influenza in Minnesota, one of which was erroneous, so you may have heard some conflicting news. But we got you the official news release, courtesy of the U of MN Veterinary Medical Center and the Board of Animal Health: “We have been watching the ongoing developments regarding … Read More

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Your Top 5 Heartworm Questions Answered

Heartworm disease prevention is a cause near and dear to our hearts at Sidewalk Dog, as our very own pack dog Ellie Mae (at right) was being treated for heartworm when she joined our pack. Heartworm is incredibly common, especially in dogs who are rescued from the southern United States and transported north. But if … Read More

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Bikini Ready: Meet the Dogs of Minnesota’s Weight Loss Challenge

Spring has sprung, and that means dogs who might have been cooped up all winter are finally getting a chance to spend some solid time outdoors — which is great news for the four chubby dogs selected for this spring’s Weight Loss Challenge, hosted by Sojos and Grand Avenue Veterinary Center. We’re also getting some … Read More

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The More You Know: Marijuana Safety for Pets

This press release courtesy of Pets Best Pet Insurance. Sidewalk Dog was not compensated for the posting of this article; we just happen to think it’s useful, important information for our dog-loving community. Believe it or not, marijuana can cause serious illness in dogs and cats, which may be exposed to its effects either by ingesting … Read More

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