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Sidewalk Dog on Twin Cities Live: DIY Doggie Treats

Keeping your dog cool this summer is one of every dog owner’s top priorities. And while hydration is the most important step in keeping your dog healthy, you can also have some fun with some cold DIY treats your dog will love! To that end, Sidewalk Dog’s founder and CEO Ali Jarvis visited our pals … Read More

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Cold DIY Doggie Treats Your Pup Will Love

The rallying cry for dogs this summer is “Sun’s Out, Tongue’s Out,” which means good dog parents everywhere will want to have a freezer stocked with cold treats. And while ice cubes are great, sometimes you want to give your dog a little something special — so we got you a list of super-simple, no-oven-required … Read More

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Treat Taste Test: Seven Stars Coffee House

Sadie the Wonderdoodle has lodged an official complaint with Sidewalk Dog. According to a memo she submitted to our inboxes Monday morning, it has been NINE WHOLE MONTHS (capitalization hers) since she’s been able to perform her only job at Sidewalk Dog: the Treat Taste Test. Last May, she sampled Doggy Fro Yo, a delectable … Read More

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Treat Taste Test: Doggy Fro Yo

After roughly a year as the official Treat Taste Tester, it’s getting hard to surprise Sadie the Wonderdoodle. So it seemed only fitting to reintroduce novelty in the most literal sense possible: locally made frozen treat Doggy Fro Yo bars. Sure, she’s seen ice cream before, but this is a whole new ballgame—essentially creamsicles for … Read More

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Treat Taste Test: Gigi's Cafe

By Meredeth Barzen In last month’s installment of Treat Taste Test, Sadie the Wonderdoodle relaxed with some Bedtime Bones, a chamomile-laced biscuit made especially for sleepytime. This month, we got a hot tip on some scrumptious homemade biscuits at South Minneapolis’ Gigi’s Cafe (which boasts a dog-friendly sidewalk patio to boot). Gigi’s co-owner Alex Woehrlin … Read More

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Treat Taste Test: Sarah Jane's Bakery

By Meredeth Barzen Sidewalk Dog is always on the lookout for fun new features to entertain and inform our treasured readers (that’s YOU, Big Shot!), so when Sadie the Wonderdoodle suggested that we do a Treat Taste Test series, we first questioned her motives (she volunteered to be the guinea pig a little too quickly … Read More

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