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Fab, Thanks to Fido: How Dogs can Make Us Happier & Healthier

You’ve probably always known that your dog can make you happy, but did you know that an increasing body of research shows that your furry BFF can also make you healthy? We’re spillin’ the kibble on some of the many ways that pet ownership can bring wag-worthy wellness into your life: Walk the walk. You may … Read More

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Nosey Friends: What Dogs Detect in Diabetics

Dogs are the undisputed best friends to pup lovers everywhere. Some go beyond simply enhancing overall quality of life by helping people with certain health conditions handle daily activities that they couldn’t otherwise. And incredibly, some dogs are literal lifesavers, and have been trained to detect the onset of potentially fatal reactions and alert their humans so … Read More

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Genetic Replay: Best Friends Fur-Ever…and Ever…and Ever

Saying goodbye to our pups — even the thought of it — can induce radical fantasies in any hooman. There’s nothing like the love and companionship of our furry besties, so if we can’t keep them alive fur-ever, of course we’d want an EXACT replica the minute they passed on. Hold up. Are we talking … Read More

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Running Out of Phone Storage (Again)? Blame your Dog

On a typical day, I receive roughly 14 “helpful” notifications from my phone to let me know that I’m low on storage. A new study from MiMedia Inc. presents an unsurprising explanation: blame those dog pics! Their survey of 1,000 pet owners revealed that people with dogs take an average of two photos of their pet daily, adding up to around 1.21 GB per year. As … Read More

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Barkin’ Bedfellows: Are Dogs a Boost or a Bust for Your Sleep?

While some of us (here’s lookin’ at you, husband) prefer the bed to be a human-only space, others (here’s lookin’ at…myself) could probably tell you their dog’s Sleep Number. And an informal survey of SWD pack dogs revealed that a whopping 100% of them like to sleep in their human’s bed whenever possible. (Preferably under the covers. And then over the … Read More

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Dog Owners are More Attractive. Because Science.

Some swoon-worthy science has just shown what SWDers already knew: ladies dig a dude with a dog. “The [women in the study] were more than twice as likely as the gents to say that they were attracted to someone because he had a pet, and also about twice as likely to judge their date based on how they … Read More

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Pupular Science: Dogs Are People, Too

Have you seen this opinion piece floating around social media? It’s worth a read. Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist who penned How Dogs Love Us: A Neuroscientist and His Adopted Dog Decode the Canine Brain, has proven what we dog lovers have always known: Canines have emotions, just like us. He and his crew have done extensive … Read More

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