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Roseville Bans Sale of Dogs and Cats at Pet Stores: A First in MN

It’s all coming up roses for animals in one Minnesota city: On Monday night, the Roseville city council voted unanimously to ban the commercial sale of dogs and cats in pet stores. Roseville is the first city in MN to enact this type of ban. “This is in fitting with Roseville’s values, and current conditions are … Read More

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White Bear Lake May Close its Dog Beach. Here’s What You Can Do.

No more doggy paddling at White Bear Lake’s beach? Say it ain’t so! The city of White Bear Lake has proposed removing the dog exercise area at Matoska Park, reports MPR News. This beloved spot for many local pups would get the ax in order to create more space for two-legged swimmers. (We’re all for human … Read More

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Minneapolis to Consider Allowing Dogs Inside Breweries, Coffee Shops

Pupdate: We chatted about this issue on WCCO [scroll down to watch] and in the Star Tribune. Twin Cities dog lovers are fortunate to enjoy tons o’ dog-friendly businesses, including a huge number of restaurant, brewery, and coffee shop patios. The key word here is ‘patios’ — technically, it’s not legal for Minneapolis breweries and … Read More

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Sweet Sixteen: A Litter Way Beyond Standard

From the Gosselins to the Duggars, ultra-big broods can intimidate or motivate, but they always fascinate. And when it’s a world-record-setting litter of the canine kind? We say Mama Crystal, you dominate! Owner Kelli Hewitt of Lancaster, MN, says they had no clue she had such a large crew coming, and believes this group of 16 furry … Read More

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How Dogs Can Set an Example for Body Respect in Kids

When we came across this fab image on the interwebs, we couldn’t wait to share it. Dogs being used to spread the woof to kids that they should love and accept their bodies, no matter what size or shape? Pup yeah. As The Moderation Movement, who created this image, puts it: “One way you can explain … Read More

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Don’t Shoot the Dog: How You Can Take a Bullet for a Minnesota Pup

File this one under “things we wish didn’t have to be A Thing”: The Wadena County Humane Society (WCHS) just launched a new program in which donors can sponsor the surrender fee of a dog at risk of being shot and killed by an owner who no longer wishes to keep their pet. Wadena is located … Read More

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Lake-Lovin’ Dogs Beware: New Algae Warnings in Two MN Cities

Know a dog who ruvs a good swim this time of year? So do we — lots of ’em — which is why we’ve been bummed to see increasing reports of dangerous algae levels in local lakes. The problem centers around microcystin: a toxin produced by blue-green algae, that spilled-paint-like substance you sometimes see on the surface of lakes in … Read More

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New Dog Park to Open in Southwest Metro

Get ready to woof it up, Southwest Metro dog lovers: The city of Orono just approved a new, 39-acre dog park. The park features trails throughout its woods and prairie and will include walking paths and picnic tables. It’s located near Wayzata Blvd. in Orono, just west of Lake Classen. The Susan E. Lurton off-leash park will join … Read More

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MN Group Rescues 10 Puppies from South Korean Dog-Meat Farm

“Dogs are family” is a concept we strive for — and at times, take for granted. Such was our reaction when we learned that each year over two million dogs are slaughtered for human food in 17,000 South Korean dog-meat farms. A recent international rescue effort was successful in saving several hundred of these pups; on August 3, ten of them … Read More

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Nosey Friends: What Dogs Detect in Diabetics

Dogs are the undisputed best friends to pup lovers everywhere. Some go beyond simply enhancing overall quality of life by helping people with certain health conditions handle daily activities that they couldn’t otherwise. And incredibly, some dogs are literal lifesavers, and have been trained to detect the onset of potentially fatal reactions and alert their humans so … Read More

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