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Yappin’ About Cool Kids: How One MN Family Fosters Responsibility

When it comes to raising kids, most of us parents are on the lookout for opportunities to teach responsibility. We at Sidewalk Dog love yappin’ about when this involves dogs, and in one local household, fostering homeless dogs is central to their family mission. Andria Bertucci and Donna Hellman of Chaska, along with their three children, … Read More

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Yappin’ About Cool Kids: What a MN Boy Does for Rescue Dogs

Yes, we’ve got a thing for dogs, but the Sidewalk Dog pack also digs meeting the humans that make up our dog-lovin’ community. Learning about how you paired up with your better (canine) half, discovering what you love to do with and for your dogs, and hearing tales of how you help out four-legged friends in need — … Read More

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