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How to Make Moving Easier for Your Dog

You searched for weeks — or months — for your new home, sniffing out amenities that will be perfect for you and your pups (mud room! fenced yard! big windows for squirrel watching!). As moving day approached you carefully packed up their toys, bones, and dog bed, imagining your pals wagging with glee when they … Read More

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Good Dog’s Guide to Surviving Winter

Love it or loathe it, winter in MN is a fact o’ life. We’re here to help make this season as Minnesota Nice as possible for pets and their peeps with a flurry of tips on cold-weather safety, entertainment, and more: Protect your pup with our five tips for winter safety, a vet Q&A about doggy winterization, and two … Read More

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Bone Up on Thanksgiving Safety for Your Dog

[Editor’s note: While we’re yappin’ holidays, check out our MN Maker Howliday Boxes! Fab, funny, and ONLY available through Sunday 11/20.] Our all-American holiday is just around the corner, and ‘tis a time for family and friends, food and fellowship, and gratitude for our blessings. Atop that list? Our furry four-legged pals. As we celebrate … Read More

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Smart Tips for Safe Pups: Make Halloween Less Hairy

Truth or dare. As in, would you go with the familiar or the unknown? For dogs it’s predictability, paws down. Comfy spots, routine routes, reliable times. Sure, a novel scent or a new toy is cool. But the strange shebang known as Halloween can throw pups into a tizzy with all the unexpected activity. Doorbells! Laughter! … Read More

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Smart Tips for Safe Pups: The Skin-ny on Sun Safety

Your four-legged friend basks belly up in the sunshine, gently snoring in utter contentment, the warmth having lulled him or her into la-la land. And you wish you could shape-shift into a dog ’cause it looks far more relaxing than when two-legged types try to soak up some vitamin D. But before you let your pal … Read More

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Smart Tips for Safe Pups: Why Microchipping is a Must-Doo

Even though they may act as our second shadows, ’tis a fact that dogs go missing all the time. And you don’t have to have a “runner,” either. Dogs can be startled by noises (fireworks, thunders, construction, etc.) and flee in a panic, or catch the scent of a squirrel or rabbit and lunge when … Read More

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Smart Tips for Safe Pups: Sniffing Out Valentine’s Day Dangers

Do you ruuuuv V-Day or do you turn up your nose at the over-hyped hoopla? There are a few of us in each camp here at SWD, but when it comes to celebrating, we agree this holiday is paw-sitively heartwarming if it’s all about puppy love. And there’s zero stress ‘cause treats, play time, and extra snuggles are … Read More

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Smart Tips for Safe Pups: Outdoor Fun in Winter Weather

When the temp drops and the snow falls, our four-legged friends still want to check out the sights, sounds, and smells of their winter world. Most won’t be satisfied with a quick “business trip” — even in single digits, pleasure is required, too! Here’s how to keep them safe and warm while they play — … Read More

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