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10 Pup-tastic Howliday Traditions

Christmas trees! Sniff but don’t prune. Ornaments! Sniff but don’t taste. Presents! Sniff but don’t shred. Cookies! Sniff but don’t scarf. Tempting new scents and fun festivities are everywhere this month but none seem to be intended for poor Fido. With so much of the holiday season focused on hooman activities, we thought it’d be fun … Read More

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Where to Go for a Pup Pic with St. Nick

Got an itch that only a pic of your pup on Santa’s lap can scratch? ‘Tis the season, and here’s our merry list of options. Bonus points for howliday attire: ugly sweaters, cute hats, over-pruned antlers, makes no diff to us. We ruv ‘em all. And as always, we’ll wag ‘n wiggle over your adorable … Read More

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Bone Up on Thanksgiving Safety for Your Dog

[Editor’s note: While we’re yappin’ holidays, check out our MN Maker Howliday Boxes! Fab, funny, and ONLY available through Sunday 11/20.] Our all-American holiday is just around the corner, and ‘tis a time for family and friends, food and fellowship, and gratitude for our blessings. Atop that list? Our furry four-legged pals. As we celebrate … Read More

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Need to Get in the Howliday Spirit? Watch This.

Finding it a little ruff to get into the holiday spirit this year? We’ve got the cure: Step 1: Watch this video. Guaranteed grin. Step 2: Keep that festive momentum going by grabbing one of our MN Maker Howliday Boxes for a dog lover (or three) who could use a smile this Christmas! They’re only on … Read More

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MN Dogs Had a Howling Good Halloween at The Freehouse

This past weekend we celebrated Howloween at The Freehouse, marking the end of our 2016 event season. And holy Schnauzer — you guys showed up like crazy to soak up the last of this year’s patio-party scene in support of Pet Haven. What a crowd! Wags of gratitude go out to our event sponsors, Metro Dogs Daycare … Read More

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Smart Tips for Safe Pups: Make Halloween Less Hairy

Truth or dare. As in, would you go with the familiar or the unknown? For dogs it’s predictability, paws down. Comfy spots, routine routes, reliable times. Sure, a novel scent or a new toy is cool. But the strange shebang known as Halloween can throw pups into a tizzy with all the unexpected activity. Doorbells! Laughter! … Read More

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Sidewalk Dog on Twin Cities Live: Doggy Halloween Costumes

This afternoon saw a Halloween treat at Twin Cities Live: Our pack leader Ali Jarvis co-hosted a live costume fashion show featuring some of the the doggone cutest models we’ve ever seen. Cari walked the plank — er, runway — as the most precious pirate ever, while Guthrie was positively edible in his spaghetti and meatballs costume. Princess George Harrison was a … Read More

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Doggie Date: PetOberfest with Twin Cities Pet Rescue

Twin Cities Pet Rescue‘s annual PetOberfest is right around the corner, and they’ve got a heckuva fall celebration planned. This FREE shindig is a pawfect way to celebrate this season alongside your dog while supporting a terrific local rescue. Go dogs, go! WHAT: PetOberfest WHEN: Sunday, October 9, 12 – 5:00 pm WHERE: Fetch Delivers, Minneapolis (map) WHY: Because you relish every opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous Minnesota autumn with … Read More

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Free Fur All: Dog-Friendly Ways to Celebrate July 4th

As we gear up for July 4th, one of our fave holidays, we dog lovers do so with caution, knowing some celebration components are NOT pup-friendly. Case in point, Fido and fireworks are a potentially problematic pair, leaving many dogs shaking in fright or bolting off in a blind panic. During the pyrotechnics, keep your dog(s) … Read More

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Smart Tips for Safe Pups: Sniffing Out Valentine’s Day Dangers

Do you ruuuuv V-Day or do you turn up your nose at the over-hyped hoopla? There are a few of us in each camp here at SWD, but when it comes to celebrating, we agree this holiday is paw-sitively heartwarming if it’s all about puppy love. And there’s zero stress ‘cause treats, play time, and extra snuggles are … Read More

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