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Guide to Socializing Your Pup in Dog-Friendly Stores

This is a guest post from Danielle Lindblom of The Adventure Dog Blog and The Adventure Puppy Club. Everyone tells you that your puppy needs to be socialized. It’s almost a buzzword. Socialize! Or else! Go everywhere, do everything. But what should you actually DO? Here’s a quick guide for fun activities you can do in … Read More

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How to Make Moving Easier for Your Dog

You searched for weeks — or months — for your new home, sniffing out amenities that will be perfect for you and your pups (mud room! fenced yard! big windows for squirrel watching!). As moving day approached you carefully packed up their toys, bones, and dog bed, imagining your pals wagging with glee when they … Read More

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Good Dog’s Guide to Dog Parks (2.0)

[Editor’s note: Whether your dog considers them paradise or purgatory, dog parks are growing in both popularity and number. The best way to know which one is — or isn’t — for you? Woof of mouth! Our Dog Park Detective series digs deep to report on the good and the meh, including the grounds and overall … Read More

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Good Dog’s Guide to Patio Etiquette (2.0)

Mid-September, mid-80s, full-on sunshine. Let’s make the most of this gorgeous almost-fall weather with as much pooch-n-patio time as possible! (‘Cause you know what’s around the corner, right?) In an effort to squeeze every last drop out of summer that we possibly can, we thought we’d share one of our most popular top 10 lists … Read More

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Good Owner’s Guide to Biking With Your Dog

Biking with your dog can be one of life’s great joys — but for many of us, the idea of taking your dog on a bike ride is daunting. Where do you even begin? What equipment do you need? Will your dog even enjoy it? Great questions. We’ve got answers. HOW TO GET STARTED Get … Read More

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Good Dog’s Guide to Road Trips

With summer comes cabin season, and with cabin season comes long hours in the car with your dog by your side. And while there’s so much to love about traveling with your dog (hello, trips to Dairy Queen!), you need to make sure you’re doing it safely, so here are the six golden rules for … Read More

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Good Dog’s Guide to Moving

When it comes to moving, everyone has an opinion. Should you hire a professional? What’s the first thing you should pack? The last thing? Is there any point to putting your clothes into boxes or should you just throw everything you own into a bed sheet and tie it up like a bindle? But however … Read More

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3 Ways to Manage Your Dog’s Barking

It’s just a fact of life: Dogs are going to bark. Whether it be because their nemesis, the three-legged-squirrel across the yard, is getting too close to the house or because your buddy just really, really wants to go outside, your dog is going to bark sometimes. But what if he barks obsessively? As in, … Read More

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Good Dog’s Guide to Retractable Leashes

Walking your dog is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable activities you can do with your pup: she loves it, you love it (most of the time), and everyone gets some good exercise in. (Plus, you can make money for your fave rescues while you walk.) But it’s not enough to simply go walking: … Read More

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Good Owner’s Guide to Greeting Your Dog

When coming home from a long day at work, do you ignore your pup until he has settled down or do you squeal and jump around the mudroom with him? Perhaps there’s a happy medium. Whether you’ve been gone for a short or long period of time, the way you greet your dog matters. A recently … Read More

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