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Guide to Socializing Your Pup in Dog-Friendly Stores

This is a guest post from Danielle Lindblom of The Adventure Dog Blog and The Adventure Puppy Club. Everyone tells you that your puppy needs to be socialized. It’s almost a buzzword. Socialize! Or else! Go everywhere, do everything. But what should you actually DO? Here’s a quick guide for fun activities you can do in … Read More

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How to Make Moving Easier for Your Dog

You searched for weeks — or months — for your new home, sniffing out amenities that will be perfect for you and your pups (mud room! fenced yard! big windows for squirrel watching!). As moving day approached you carefully packed up their toys, bones, and dog bed, imagining your pals wagging with glee when they … Read More

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10 Hilarious Lost-Dog Signs

If you’ve ever had a pet go missing, you know it’s no laughing matter. Nevertheless, we couldn’t help but get a good old-fashioned LOL from these 10 lost (and found) dog signs. (Editor’s note: In Minnesota we’re fortunate to have terrific resources for dog owners whose pets have run off. Check out our stories on Lost … Read More

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Good Dog’s Guide to Surviving Winter

Love it or loathe it, winter in MN is a fact o’ life. We’re here to help make this season as Minnesota Nice as possible for pets and their peeps with a flurry of tips on cold-weather safety, entertainment, and more: Protect your pup with our five tips for winter safety, a vet Q&A about doggy winterization, and two … Read More

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10 Pup-tastic Howliday Traditions

Christmas trees! Sniff but don’t prune. Ornaments! Sniff but don’t taste. Presents! Sniff but don’t shred. Cookies! Sniff but don’t scarf. Tempting new scents and fun festivities are everywhere this month but none seem to be intended for poor Fido. With so much of the holiday season focused on hooman activities, we thought it’d be fun … Read More

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When Finding a Dog-Friendly Apartment is the Pits

It can be tough out there for a renting pet owner: While dog-friendly apartments are relatively common, size and breed restrictions limit options for four-legged family members who are on the bigger side or on the list of commonly discriminated-against breeds. Lack of inclusive pet-friendly housing is also a major cause of shelter overpopulation. So we’re thrilled to spread … Read More

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Where to Go for a Pup Pic with St. Nick

Got an itch that only a pic of your pup on Santa’s lap can scratch? ‘Tis the season, and here’s our merry list of options. Bonus points for howliday attire: ugly sweaters, cute hats, over-pruned antlers, makes no diff to us. We ruv ‘em all. And as always, we’ll wag ‘n wiggle over your adorable … Read More

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Bone Up on Thanksgiving Safety for Your Dog

[Editor’s note: While we’re yappin’ holidays, check out our MN Maker Howliday Boxes! Fab, funny, and ONLY available through Sunday 11/20.] Our all-American holiday is just around the corner, and ‘tis a time for family and friends, food and fellowship, and gratitude for our blessings. Atop that list? Our furry four-legged pals. As we celebrate … Read More

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Need to Get in the Howliday Spirit? Watch This.

Finding it a little ruff to get into the holiday spirit this year? We’ve got the cure: Step 1: Watch this video. Guaranteed grin. Step 2: Keep that festive momentum going by grabbing one of our MN Maker Howliday Boxes for a dog lover (or three) who could use a smile this Christmas! They’re only on … Read More

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Not Cool: Dog Park Pet Peeves

The Dog Park: a magical place for many pups and their people. A place to let dogs be dogs. To sniff ‘n stroll, romp ‘n roll, or stretch their legs and open up like the place is a canine Autobahn. To socialize, work on manners, and test obedience. And to lose the doggone leash already! We … Read More

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