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Back-to-School is Ruff for Pups (AKA Everyone Left Me So I Will Howl and then Eat the Couch)

One of the best parts about having a dog is the unconditional love they give, for better or worse. Better, as in they absolutely adore you, showing it with wagging tails and full-body wiggles when you come home, even if you were only gone for two minutes. Kisses! Sloppy, dainty, nonstop — we’ll take ‘em all. … Read More

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VIPs: Veggies Ideal (for) Pups

Halfway through August and we’re realizing just how many chips, ice cream treats, and the like we’ve packed away this summer. That goes for pups, too — whether snacks were sneaked under the table or stolen outright, they tend to get a few more than usual thanks to backyard BBQs and cabin weekends. Fortunately, summer’s … Read More

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Sa-weet! Fruit you can Feed your Furry Friend

In honor of National Watermelon Day, we’ll be sharing slices with our dogs. Yup, watermelon is one fruit that is not only safe to feed Fido, its high water content and hefty helpings of nutrients like potassium and vitamins A and C make it a wag-alicious choice for hot summer days like today. A couple caveats: … Read More

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Nosey Friends: What Dogs Detect in Diabetics

Dogs are the undisputed best friends to pup lovers everywhere. Some go beyond simply enhancing overall quality of life by helping people with certain health conditions handle daily activities that they couldn’t otherwise. And incredibly, some dogs are literal lifesavers, and have been trained to detect the onset of potentially fatal reactions and alert their humans so … Read More

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Universal Truth: Your Dog Could Save Another Dog’s Life

Most days dogs roll through life tongues out and tails waggin’. But sometimes things go wrong, and accidents and illnesses can require quick intervention in the form of a blood transfusion. Blood banking for dogs is something most of us don’t think about, but this life-saving practice not only exists, it’s happening right in our backyard. … Read More

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Tooth be Told: Doggie Dental Care Counts

Is your dog’s rabies vaccination up to date? Are you vigilant about heartworm and tick prevention? Do you brush those chompers regularly? Semi-regularly? Ever? Doggie dental care can take a back seat to other health care, but according to Dr. Steve Barghusen, the three most important health areas for dogs are dental, obesity, and behavior. (And many of … Read More

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Before & After: Doggie Weight Loss Challenge Results

For the past two months, four local dogs have been participating in the Sojos Weight Loss Challenge. Each dog was given a supply of Sojos pet food (which is dehydrated raw — it’s pack dog Ellie Mae’s current fave and made right here in Minneapolis), was instructed on the importance of exercise and limited treats, and … Read More

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Bikini Ready: Meet the Dogs of Minnesota’s Weight Loss Challenge

Spring has sprung, and that means dogs who might have been cooped up all winter are finally getting a chance to spend some solid time outdoors — which is great news for the four chubby dogs selected for this spring’s Weight Loss Challenge, hosted by Sojos and Grand Avenue Veterinary Center. We’re also getting some … Read More

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Enter Your Dog in the Sojos Weight Loss Challenge

After a cold winter like the one we just endured, it’s no surprise that some of our dogs may have packed on some winter weight. Lucky for them, we’re teaming up with Sojos Pet Food to provide four lucky chubsters with two full months of free pet food to help them slim down for summer! … Read More

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Before and After: Peppy Paws Mobility Challenge Results

[ Editor’s Note: Confession time, you guys — challenges like this are some of the best parts of our job. Basically, we get to help local dogs live their best lives by putting high-quality products into their furry little paws. (Remember the Fat to Fit Challenge with Raw Bistro?) But we couldn’t do any of this … Read More

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