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Twin Cities Live Highlights: 5/14/12!

What a delicious way to start the week! Brilliant sunshine, dog-diggity temperatures and a chat-packed visit to Twin Cities Live with an adoptable dog named Fly. Border Collie Rescue of Minnesota is currently fostering this smart and sweet beauty, who can melt the ice cubes right out of a chilled glass of lemonade with a … Read More

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Twin Cities Live Highlights: April 2, 2012

Short and sooooo sweet! Ali’s time on Twin Cities Live today featured an unbelievably endearing eight-year-old beagle named Tucker (more on him below) from the A Home for Every Aging Heart program at  the Top Dog Foundation. The program is unique in that the focus is solely on rescuing and rehoming senior dogs. Efforts are … Read More

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A Boy & His Dog: The Man on the Bench

A Boy & His Dog is a special series featuring guest posters (all fellas) writing about dogs. It’s a follow-up to our popular Chicks & Dogs series, and we think you’ll like what you find. In this, our first A Boy & His Dog piece, you’ll meet Gopher and experience the unique, unexpected healing power … Read More

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O, Volunteers! You Can Lend a Paw to Animals In Need

Fun Fact: Most non-profit rescue groups and animal shelters in the Twin Cities are run primarily by volunteers. Sure, some facilities have paid staff, but the heart of these organizations are the folks that volunteer their time, money, services, and ideas to help homeless animals. A lot of effort is needed to run a rescue … Read More

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Twin Cities Live Highlights: 3/5/12!

What was the best part of your day? Hmm? You say it hasn’t happened yet? Then allow us to shine a little light on a ho-hum Monday with a smidgen of puppy love, Twin Cities Live style.   Fact: puppies do not come much cuter than the bundle of furry sugar that is Gracie. Ali’s … Read More

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TCL Highlights: 2/6/12!

Sweetness was in the air when our very own Ali Jarvis visited visited Twin Cities Live today. Did you happen to miss out on the valentine-ish whimsy? No worries, because we’re here for you with a tasty bon mot of a recap. Today’s adoptable lovebug was Zac from the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley. … Read More

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Call for Blog Submissions: A Boy & His Dog

Are you a dude? Do you have a dog? Can you write? If so, we want to hear from you. The SidewalkDog.com pack is starting a new monthly blog series called “A Boy & His Dog.” Coming on the heels of the delectable “Chicks & Dogs” mini-series (http://www.sidewalkdog.com/blog/?s=chicks+and+dogs) of 2011, we are expecting to receive some … Read More

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Win tix to Whisker Whirl: Cute dogs, your time is now!

Is your dog cute? Like, stop-traffic-start-stares-inspire-choruses-of-oohs-and-aahs-while-walking-down-the-street cute? If so, your pup’s unique charms may just win you a pair of tickets to the hottest dog-friendly event in town, Whisker Whirl. Oh, and you won’t merely win a pair of tickets to this glittering February 25th event (a fantabulous fundraiser for the Animal Humane Society). Nope. … Read More

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TC Live Highlights: 1/9/12!

It’s true–good things come to those who wait! While we were all still picking the glitter and confetti out of our ears on January 2nd, Ali happily visited Twin CIties Live – Video along with one of the most charming guys we’ve met in ages. While Ali and her handsome gentleman friend were slated to go on after the Outback Bowl ended, … Read More

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9 Ways to Protect Your Dog During Minnesota Winters

Guest blogger Sarah Smith of Paws N Motion chimes in with seasoned words of wisdom about safer, healthier wintertime walks with your pooch.  The heart of winter is yet to come, and chances are your dog will still want or need to get out on a daily walk to exercise and stay current on the “news” … Read More

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