Calling All Dirty Dogs: A Contest Just for You!

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6 Responses to Calling All Dirty Dogs: A Contest Just for You!

  1. Steph Rasmussen says:

    This day we went to the dog park and then went and took a bath after. Once home she escaped the yard by punching out the wooden panels of the fence and once we found her, her face on both sides was dirty and her whole body as well. When getting in the car I told my husband she was full of dirt, only to realize after being the the car with her, that it was dog poop all over her face. It was her revenge for us giving her a bath that day lol!

  2. Tina Laumb says:

    Bella had a fun day of digging in the rain. Couldn’t help but laugh at her,

  3. Abby says:

    Vote for Tug!!!

  4. MelissA says:

    It is not a dog park unless she is completely covered in mud.

  5. Third Place says:

    Totally fixed. Count the VALID email addresses.

    • Sara Nick says:

      Unfortunately, fraudulent voting tends to be a problem with any kind of online, vote-based contest. Fortunately, it is easy for contest administrators to spot this when it happens, and fraudulent votes were taken into account and subtracted when choosing the winner. (This did change the vote count but did not affect the end result when all was said and done.) We understand your frustration and truly appreciate your participation! – The Sidewalk Dog pack

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