White Bear Lake May Close its Dog Beach. Here’s What You Can Do.

No more doggy paddling at White Bear Lake’s beach? Say it ain’t so!

The city of White Bear Lake has proposed removing the dog exercise area at Matoska Park, reports MPR News. This beloved spot for many local pups would get the ax in order to create more space for two-legged swimmers. (We’re all for human enjoyment of MN’s beautiful lakes — it’s just that there are already so few spots designated for pooches!)

The decision isn’t official just yet — a vote will take place on Tuesday, February 28 at the White Bear Lake City Council meeting, which starts at 7 pm. The best way you can let your woof be heard is to show up and speak! Details here.

Can’t make it to the meeting? Here’s a brief form to share your thoughts — we’ll pass all of the responses along to the city before they convene.

This Bear loves lake life.

One of MN’s many lake-loving dogs, Bear.

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15 Responses to White Bear Lake May Close its Dog Beach. Here’s What You Can Do.

  1. Deb Casper says:

    This is a travesty that started with one person complaining when so many others enjoy being able to bring their dogs to swim in a clean lake with a great walking path too! The other options in the area are in small stinky ponds – not where I’d want my kids or dogs to swim. Please keep the dog beach open!

  2. Ashley says:

    I’m against closing the dog park. It’s always been a pleasant experience and 99% of the time people clean up after their dogs. Many people who live on the lake or blocks away use the beach weekly in the summer and it would be a terrible decision to close it down.

  3. Lori Naumann says:

    I oppose closing the dog beach. Some people don’t have air conditioning and dogs especially suffer in the hot summer months. My dogs love going there to cool off and to socialize. It is an excellent community experience for humans as well! I have met so many great people from White Bear and further away. People do drive quite a ways to visit this beach because there are so few beaches for dogs around the metro. Don’t close this one!

    I would suggest the city capitalize on this opportunity by providing WBL doggie leashes, collars, towels, t-shirts or other swag to sell at the beachhouse. Providing lockers would be great, too. :) win win.

  4. Ruth Morris says:

    Please don’t close the dog park.

  5. Debbie says:

    Please keep the dog beach. I talking with another dog owners er on how the stinky ponds in the park had hook worm.Bad.
    There is still swimming areas that are not being use and shut down due to the water level . Where the dogs have been play that are is getting nicer

  6. Linda Woodstrom says:

    Please keep the dog beach open. It is a special place to bring your dog.

  7. Cindy Burroughs says:

    Ok I do reply before but I don’t see it on here. So here it goes again. I live in the neighborhood and I walk on Lake Ave. I see many sr citizens, like me who are sitting on the hill above the dog beach. They are watching the dogs and their owners as well as several children enjoying themselves at the shore line. Keep in mind many of these St’s have moved to apartments and have had to sacrifice many things pets included. It is hard to give up your pets, this is a sliver of joy for them. Please don’t that away too leave the dog beach move the boats to the other side of the boat launch. We can have it all. Let’s be kind and compromise please

  8. Mia says:

    Please don’t close the doggy beach! This was a life saver for me & my girl last summer—we don’t have central A/C and she lives for the dog beach! We made the 20 minute drive multiple times a week and since adding a second pup, I have been looking forward to bringing them both this summer. We had nothing but positive experiences with other dogs & owners and always be as respectful as we can to the area and people around us. I have searched for others like it but there really isnt anything like this around. Thanks for your consideration

  9. Kathy Boden says:

    The dog beach closure issue started with one complaint stating the dog beach was larger than the human beach next to it. That is true. However, on all my visits to the dog beach, I have NEVER, NOT ONCE, seen any human using the human beach! So if the human beach is not used, why close the dog beach.

    I’m extremely disappointed that ONE complaint will penalize so many. Don’t let this happen.

  10. Cindy says:

    I have tried to convince my small dogs to like the doggie beach several times since I love watching the other dogs play and the people I have met are great. There are many places people can go to swim! If the decision is to close it I hope Ramsey Beach is considered as an alternative.

  11. Mary Johannsen says:

    Please don’t close the dog beach. It’s important that we have safe places for our dogs to play in warm weather. People and dogs enjoy the beach. Please keep it open.

  12. Katrina Pace says:

    Please keep the dog beach open – There are so few places they can play with their owners already – and this is a marvelous experience for everyone. Please dont close.

  13. Maren A Holzinger says:

    Help us SAVE the Matoska Park Dog Beach in White Bear Lake, MN!

    The White Bear Lake City Council voted on 2/28/17 to allow for the spring/summer/fall 2017 season as a “trial” to see if new regulations would help to appease local residents who would like to see the park closed. The Council will then meet again to discuss how this trial season went in the fall/winter.

    These new regulations include all dogs requiring a license from their city of residence and a leash (maximum length of 30′).

    The local residents were also instructed to call the police to report any disturbances that they witness.

    Our new Facebook group’s purpose is to help spread the word of these new guidelines as well as the importance of adhering to the new rules.

    This includes sharing the seriousness of the issue with other dog beach visitors and enforcing the new rules when you see them being broken.

    We hope to also organize dates to clean up and maintain the beach. We want the city as well as local residents to see that we respect their concerns with cleanliness.

    We only have this upcoming season to prove that our dogs deserve a spot on White Bear Lake!
    Let’s do this together – for our pups!

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