Become Your Dog’s Best Friend With These Unique Workshops

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Choosing the right training facility for your pooch is one of the most important tasks you’ll face as a dog parent. One green flag: Trainers who focus on transforming not just particular behaviors, but the canine-human relationship itself.

When trainer Max Bitterman founded Your Dog’s Best Friend in Minneapolis, he put this relationship at the center of every class. “Instead of a dog-ownership strategy, we focus on a dog-relating strategy,” he says. “This means appreciating your dog’s natural gifts and communicating in a responsive, meaningful way as they go through life. Our goal is to build a foundation of trust, respect, loyalty, and love.”

Your Dog’s Best Friend’s calendar is jam-packed with courses that address common behavioral issues (think leash walking, aggression, and fear), but also features innovative workshops. Just a pawful of these unique offerings include:

  • Your Dog’s Natural Family Role. Participants learn about dogs’ intricate and sophisticated view of family. While some people view dogs as either dominant or submissive, in fact dogs have many potential natural family roles, within which they feel at ease and confident. This workshop’s focus on ways in which humans and dogs are the same “unlocks so much opportunity to truly appreciate who our dog is,” Max says.
  • Babies & Dogs. This class aims at preventing the type of problems that lead new parents to surrender their dog to a shelter when a human baby joins the household — an all-too-common scenario. “Many dogs never learn how to relate to babies in a sensitive, gentle, and socially connected state. Often times dog owners mistake constant excitement as happiness and do not realize they have nurtured a problem until it is too late,” according to Max. Through games and rituals, this workshop takes a fun, friendly, proactive approach to prepare your dog to enjoy their new human sibling.
  • Dog Parenting. The mantras for this class: Raise before you train, and be a parent, not an owner. As Max explains, “Nature gave dogs a mom and dad to provide post-birth nurturing, so dogs may experience a ‘nurture drop-off’ when their canine parents are replaced with humans.” Participants in this workshop will be better able to understand their puppy’s stages, helping them build self esteem as they grow. This class isn’t just for puppies; it can also encourage balance and harmony in households with older dogs.

And here’s one more reason to love Your Dog’s Best Friend: convenience. Not only is it located in Minneapolis, but many of its single-day workshops are just 90 minutes long — so you’ll be seeing your relationship with your pup improve in no time.

“We teach relationship building rather than dog training,” says Max. “This is why we are your dog’s best friend.”

So for dog’s sake, give ’em a call today — and use promo code SidewalkDog20 for 20% off any workshop!

Dog's Best Friend logoThis article was sponsored by the pup lovers at Your Dog’s Best Friend, who can’t wait to help you transform your relationship with your four-legged pal. Check out their full class calendar (don’t forget to use code SidewalkDog20 for 20% off!), or email for more info.

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