Good Samaritan Saves Lives of 11 Dogs

Safe at last (Photo: Mark Luinenburg)

Safe at last
(Photo: Mark Luinenburg)

It isn’t often that a story like this one has a happy ending. But we’re in luck today.

In November of last year, the staff at Home for Life Animal Sanctuary received an anonymous tip that that a dog was tied to the gates of their animal sanctuary in rural Wisconsin. They acted immediately and went to retrieve the dog, suspecting she was probably cold and hungry — but they didn’t expect that the dog at the gates would be so heavily pregnant.

“While we don’t want people dropping off animals at the gate, in this case it may have been a blessing,” said Lisa LaVerdiere, director of Home for Life. “It is obvious that this dog was neglected and under-fed. When she first arrived, she had a rusty chain around her neck and was so thin that her ribs were showing. She was tied to our gate with a brand new leash, so we believe that a kind-hearted Good Samaritan saw her predicament and saved her and her puppies from future abuse. And just in time – the puppies were born the very next day. Had they been left in the cold, we doubt they could have survived. This act of compassion on the eve of the holidays saved eleven lives.”

The ten coonhound-mix puppies are now doing well, after weeks of round-the-clock care from the pros at Home for Life, and are expected to be ready for adoption in the next few weeks. Their mother will stay at the Home for Life animal sanctuary in order to recover from a life of neglect and finally get the care she deserves.

To adopt a puppy or to learn more about Home for Life Animal Sanctuary, email info@homeforlife.org or visit the website.

Ten happy, healthy puppies (Photo: Mark Luinenburg)

Ten happy, healthy puppies
(Photo: Mark Luinenburg)

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