Sidewalk Dog on Twin Cities Live: Home Remedies

544606_10151480234944144_2048425387_nSometimes our precious pooches can be a lil’ high-maintenance. No, we’re not talkin’ about pretty pink pet-icures. We mean those days when something ails Fido and though it’s not quite necessary to head to the vet, you can’t let him suffer through a nasty bout of diarrhea (oof), motion sickness (eek!), you name it. Our friends over at Twin Cities Live tapped pack leader Ali Jarvis for tips on how to keep our cute canines comfy in such a sitch.

—Kate Nelson


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2 Responses to Sidewalk Dog on Twin Cities Live: Home Remedies

  1. Sue Hanson says:

    Great information. I will use some of these for my dog!

  2. Great post! Thanks for the info. Hunting down info for taking care of my new dog at the moment. Keep up the posting!

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