Saturday is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day!

It's a real holiday and it must be celebrated.

For top-notch treats of the human variety, Kim Bartmann’s restaurants are definite local faves. Gigi’s Cafe for curried veggie hush puppies, Bryant Lake Bowl for the Bad Breath Burger, Red Stag Supper Club for braised bison stroganoff… And anyone who’s been to Barbette knows it’s a mini-Paris on Lake Street—pommes frites and all.

Here's a sneak peek at the goods.

Lucky for dog lovers, Bartmann’s eateries also happen to be among the pooch-friendliest in town. “People love their dogs! We [welcome dogs on our patios] for the same reason we have crayons and coloring sheets, if you know what I mean,” Bartmann said.

It’ll come as no surprise then that Sidewalk Dog is teaming up with five of Bartmann’s restaurants to celebrate the very-important-yet-oft-overlooked holiday, International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day! On Saturday, February 23rd—that’s this Saturday—visit BarbetteBryant Lake BowlGigi’s CafePat’s Tap or Red Stag Supper Club and get a FREE package of housemade organic dog treats. That’s right, folks—free organic goodness for your doggies! Kinda like Halloween, but for your pooch. (Sorry, dogs aren’t allowed inside the restaurants. And no, you don’t have to order food to get the free goods, but you’re gonna wanna.)

Now, at which one (or three) of these yummy establishments can we expect to find you on Saturday?

—Emily Schmidt

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