Twin Cities Live Highlights: April 2, 2012

Short and sooooo sweet! Ali’s time on Twin Cities Live today featured an unbelievably endearing eight-year-old beagle named Tucker (more on him below) from the A Home for Every Aging Heart program at  the Top Dog Foundation.

Tucker likes going for walks and watching Lassie movies with his peeps.

The program is unique in that the focus is solely on rescuing and rehoming senior dogs. Efforts are made to place the dogs with senior people and when they do, A Home for Every Aging Heart offers volunteers to help with transitional issues, whatever they may be, so the senior-senior adoption is successful for both human and pooch. (The program welcomes non-senior adoptive families, too.) For a limited time after adoption, the staff from A Home for Every Aging Heart will assist with walking, bathing, transport for vet trips and more if needed, and also help with the settling-in routine if the adopter is a little green about dogs.

Prior to adoption, each dog is taken to a vet and treated completely. Shots, dental work, surgery, etc. – they do it all before the dog is welcomed into his or her forever home. That level of care doesn’t come cheaply, yet the program is supported entirely by personal gifts and allocation of some proceeds from the business of the founder, Jean Beuning, who opened and runs the first U.S. non-kennel boarding facility, Top Dog Country Club, in 2004.

Did someone say ball? Did someone say play?

As for Tucker, he is thriving with the foster family he has through A Home for Every Aging Heart, but this sweet guy wants to settle in with his forever pack. Tucker is healthy, well-behaved and well-trained; his foster mom reports that he comes when called, sits, responds to “no,” and will even nap on demand! He is very adaptable to new routines, is a loving and affectionate fellow who likes riding in a car, and enjoys being outside. He is a good walker, but like most beagles, should be on a leash or within a securely fenced yard when outdoors. (He can smell a squirrel a mile away and will go for it!) Tucker also enjoys snuggling on the sofa while watching Lassie movies.


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