Extra, Extra: Sidewalk Dog welcomes Deb Balzer to the pack!

Big news, folks! Sidewalk Dog is adding a new member to its pack, and it’s none other than the fun, fearless and truly fabulous Deb Balzer! We’re pleased as punch to have Deb joining the team as VP of Business Development (in her words, “Basically, that means I’m going to do whatever I can to help this great company grow!”) And since we’ve had such a great time getting to know her a little better, we thought you’d enjoy that same privilege. So without further ado, some questions for our dear Deb:

Deb with her pups on the day she brought Natasha (right) home.

Sidewalk Dog: Welcome to the team, Deb! Tell our readers a little about yourself.

Deb Balzer: I’m from Western New York, from a small town outside of Buffalo where lake-effect snow is the real deal. I’m originally a news hound. I came to the Twin Cities in 1990 to work for the now-defunct CONUS Communications, the first national satellite news-gathering cooperative. The Hubbards launched this pioneering company, and for 12 years I held various posts including mid-south regional manager during the Clinton years.

SD: How did you spend your time before coming to Sidewalk Dog?

DB: Folks might know me from my eight years as media relations/marketing manager at Animal Humane Society. Yes, that was me on Channel 4’s “Pet of the Week” segments. The Twin Cities is really lucky to have such an amazing organization like Animal Humane Society in the community.

Deb gets puppy kisses at Animal Humane Society.

SD: Why did you decide to join our pack?

DB: I recently celebrated a monumental birthday (no, not 21) and I realized I have lots to do yet. I threw caution to the wind and [Sidewalk Dog founder] Ali Jarvis and I started talking. What a terrific fit. I’m really excited to be working with this small but wonderful pack.

SD: What three adjectives would your friends use to describe you?

DB: Just three? Here are the three I’d like to think they use: enthusiastic, thoughtful and kind.

SD: Tell us a bit about your dogs.

DB: My partner and I have two dogs: a 15-month-old Doberman named Natasha and a 6-year-old Foxy Kangaroo Monkey Butt we call Nikki (okay, she’s a German Shepherd, Golden Retriever and likely some type of herding dog mix), plus two cats named Wilhelm and Chloe. A full house!

Natasha is only 15 months old and is all legs. She came to Animal Humane Society from Alabama where there just weren’t the resources for her. If not for AHS, she would certainly not have had a chance. She is lovely. Nikki came to the St. Paul AHS site where her former owners just didn’t have the wherewithal to deal with an overactive young dog. She and Natasha were both severely underweight when they came to us. Trust me; they eat very well now.

SD: What are your favorite dog-friendly spots in the Twin Cities to take your pooches?

Nikki (left) and Natasha sniffing their way through one of the area's many scent-sational dog parks.

DB: We are big fan of dog parks. Again, folks in the Twin Cities have amazing dog parks and resources for their pets. Dog parks are great for dogs but also for neighbors. I’ve met some of the nicest dogs and their people.

SD: Anything else you’d like to add?

DB: If you love Sidewalk Dog, please tell your friends. I am so excited about Sidewalk Dog that I want the world to know, and we’ll start by making sure every dog lover in the Twin Cities knows where to go for all things dog!

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  1. Nel Stephens says:

    Great interview about Deb Balzer! Sidewalk Dog will become a staple in our house!

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