Treat Taste Test: Doggy Fro Yo

After roughly a year as the official Treat Taste Tester, it’s getting hard to surprise Sadie the Wonderdoodle. So it seemed only fitting to reintroduce novelty in the most literal sense possible: locally made frozen treat Doggy Fro Yo bars. Sure, she’s seen ice cream before, but this is a whole new ballgame—essentially creamsicles for dogs, perched atop rawhide “Popsicle sticks,” in wholesome flavors like peanut butter and apple. Panting from a jog on a warm spring day, we took the apple flavor (ingredients: yogurt, apples, rawhide) for a spin.

Size: About the same as a human-grade Popsicle, which translates into a week-making treat for these 40 pounds of fluffernutter.

Texture: Icy-cold perfection; just like a people Popsicle!

Test: They always seem to know when something is for them, don’t they? Even when it looks like people food. Right away, Doodle-Face knew something was going down (treat-wise, that is), and made herself available in case she was needed. There was the question of how one serves a Popsicle to a dog, so we gave her a hand and let her go at it. First, there was licking. Then, licking gave way to biting. Yogurty mustaches were ignored. And the rest, as they say, is rawhide…

Verdict: An excellent treat to chill out with on a warm and sunny day.

Where to get them: At local events and online.

Treat Taste Test: Now with video! Take a look at Sadie the Wonderdoodle’s frenzied consumption of Doggy Fro Yo yourself:

By Meredeth Barzen

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