Canine Cabin Fever: Top 10 ways to entertain your dog this winter

By Meredeth Barzen

Is it spring yet? We don’t know about you, but we at Sidewalk Dog were over this cold weather before meteorological winter even arrived. And we’re not the only ones suffering from freeze fatigue—our pooch pals are inevitably bouncing off the walls. So we combed Facebook (that dear font of information) and our closest sources to bring you the Top 10 Ways to Entertain your Dog Indoors. Without further ado:

Strawberry toy from Planet Dog

1. Sadie the Wonderdoodle would go crazy for a good game of hall ball on  especially frigid days. Just be sure your hallmates won’t mind. Tip: Non-spherical toys like these adorable fruits and veggies from Planet Dog bounce unpredictably, bringing a higher level of skill to the game!

2. “We entertain our girls inside with ‘find me’—we tell them to sit and wait in one area of the house and then one of us hides in another area of the house and yells “Find me” and they get cookies when they get to us. Entertains everyone!” –Jennifer Kroiss, Sidewalk Dog Facebook page

3. “Run around the living room!” –Chrissy Evans Hels, Sidewalk Dog Facebook page

4. “I jam a peanut butter-dipped rawhide (the round kind) into a Kong after hiding a treat in it. Takes Marty 30 minutes to chew and pull it out to get to the peanut butter and then the treat. Worth it!” –Jake Turner, Sidewalk Dog Facebook page

5. “Cuddling, cuddling some more, and then more cuddling after that.” –Amy Rosenthal, Sidewalk Dog Facebook page

6. “Hide your dog’s favorite treats in nooks and crannies around your house. He’ll have a great time using his nose to find them!” –Rachel Mairose, founder of foster group Secondhand Hounds

7. “My dog just sleeps the day away in front of the heater or plays with my niece.” –Sonia Janet Ramos, Living with Dogs Facebook page

8. “TREADMILL!” –Keligh Boyd, Living With Dogs Facebook page

9. “Chasing the cat.” –Billie Jo Sage Kohlhoff, Living with Dogs Facebook page

10. “Tug-o-war works for me. ALL DAY LONG.” –Penelope Richard, Living with Dogs Facebook page

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3 Responses to Canine Cabin Fever: Top 10 ways to entertain your dog this winter

  1. good4dogs says:

    I thought your readers might also like to know that in addition to being entertaining for dogs, Planet Dog’s Orbee-Tuff Strawberry and all of their other tail-wagging products are socially responsible too. Planet Dog donates 2% of every purchase to the Planet Dog Foundation (PDF), its non-profit grantmaking organization, to help support canine service programs across the country that train, place and support dogs who help people in need!

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  3. billybob joe says:

    my dog just runs and runs and chases toys. also enjoys barking and just sitting by the fire being brushed. One more dog faviorite: face licking!!

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