Treat Taste Test: Gigi's Cafe

By Meredeth Barzen

In last month’s installment of Treat Taste Test, Sadie the Wonderdoodle relaxed with some Bedtime Bones, a chamomile-laced biscuit made especially for sleepytime. This month, we got a hot tip on some scrumptious homemade biscuits at South Minneapolis’ Gigi’s Cafe (which boasts a dog-friendly sidewalk patio to boot).

The treat bowl at Gigi's

Gigi’s co-owner Alex Woehrlin has a bit of a reputation in this town as a big-time dog person, and Gigi’s baker Mady Glad turns out lovely people treats day in and day out, so we had high expectations for these. “Being a neighborhood cafe, we get a lot of foot traffic, both two- and four-legged,” Mady says. “We love being a place where dogs and owners alike can sit on our patio and enjoy a treat, meal or refreshing drink. We try to make a different type of dog treat each time, but the one we have now [which Sidewalk Dog sampled, bacon cheddar] is a favorite.”

Gigi's baker Mady Glad's hand-written ingredient list for her bacon-cheddar biscuits.

Let’s take ’em for a spin, shall we?

Size: Quarter-sized, give or take, and cut into little stars and circles to up the cute factor.

Texture: Crumby [but not crummy!] and tender, like a dog-friendly tea biscuit, with significant chunks of real bacon speckled throughout.

Bouquet: Holy bacon and cheddar, Batman! Mady was not kidding around here.

Appetizing to the human palate? Let’s just say that if it were Sunday morning and the store wasn’t open yet and there were no food in the fridge, these little guys might start to look suspiciously like breakfast …

Test: The ‘wait’ command was especially hard to obey on this one. And a hankering for another set in immediately after the first was devoured: Sadie the Wonderdoodle sniffed the floor to pick up any errant crumbs, then paced for a bit and lay down with a ‘hrumph’ when she realized that behavior wasn’t getting her nearer to another bacony morsel.

Verdict: A special treat that puts a personal touch on your meal at this neighborhood cafe.

Where to get them: Only at Gigi’s. And did we mention they’re free? (But at least pony up for a cappuccino if you’re just stopping by for a biscuit. We want great places like this to thrive!)

Treat Taste Test: Now with video! Take a look at Sadie the Wonderdoodle’s scientific assessment of Gigi’s dog treats yourself:

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One Response to Treat Taste Test: Gigi's Cafe

  1. Eddie says:

    We’ve also heard that Gigi’s is great, unfortunately it is a little far of a walk for us (we live in NYC…)

    Thanks for the great tip on the restaurant though… we’ve added it to our dog-friendly restaurant website as well :)

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