The Sidewalk Dog Team

Ali Jarvis, Founder + CEO

Inspired by her Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Luc, Ali began in 2008. Ali’s corporate background, passion for pups, and love of the Twin Cities united to create a go-to online information hub about local dog-friendly life. (As a result, this fearless pack leader won NAWBO-MN's Innovation in Services Business Owner of the Year in 2013.) When not wheeling and dealing for Sidewalk Dog, Ali can be found walking her vivacious rescue dog Maggie Moo (Luc passed away in 2010) or drinking wine with friends at almost any café with an outdoor patio and a water dish.

Pamela Hoye, Business Development

Pam’s an expert in all things media and sales. She brings more than 20 years of experience in all levels of native marketing to the pack, including a comprehensive background in event creation and implementation. The keys to her success are her innovative, creative approach and top-notch customer service. Pam is owned by Molly the senior kitty and a gecko named Leo.

Bri Sharkey-Smith, Content Manager

Bri came aboard Sidewalk Dog in early 2014, as passionate about pooches as she was about punctuation. Her background in communications and editing (plus that fancy Master’s degree in writing) make her a great fit for our pack. After her lifelong companion, a dobie mix named Grace, passed away in the fall of 2013, Bri started fostering dogs and is looking forward to her first “foster failure.” When she’s not toiling away at Sidewalk Dog, she’s eating tasty food, drinking tasty wine, or traveling the world: Bri’s been to 30 countries (and counting).

Kiersten Jarvis, Creative Director

Kiersten has always been passionate about dogs (and obviously loves her dear sister, Ali), and even dreamed of being a veterinarian… until she learned advanced math was involved. (Instead, she got a Master’s in speech-language pathology — how is that easier?) At Sidewalk Dog, she wears many hats: Pinterest guru, events master, directory whiz, cheerleader, and all-around creativity machine. Outside of Sidewalk Dog, Kiersten loves spending time with her family, hiking, live music, yoga, and snuggling with Teekie, her family’s rescue Chin.


Ash Temple, Graphic Designer

Ash is a Minneapolis gal who has dedicated her life to helping animals (including her two dogs, a rat terrier named Toast and a Boston terrier named Scrusher Todd) and creating art — which makes her a perfect fit as the graphic designer at Sidewalk Dog. She also digs on knickknacks, tattoos, cartoons, bright colors, and making up songs.



Kramer, Canine Contributor

At the age of 6, Kramer was adopted in Minnesota in 2012 after being found as a stray in Arkansas. He enjoys going anywhere and everywhere with his parents, which is how he became a true Sidewalk Dog. His favorite things in life include long walks, tri-knobbed toys, meeting new people, car rides, travel, researching dog-friendly establishments, sensitive-stomach treats, and classical music. He’s interested in aspects of canine theory, particularly separation anxiety, why squirrels run when he approaches, and if rabbits truly are his friends. Is he truly a shepherd/basenji mix? A lab/jack russel combination? The world may never know. Kramer lives in St. Paul with his humans.